Holiday Gift Ideas for a Decadent Hobo

Since I was the one who coined the term “decadent hobo” I have the authority to definitively say what the holiday gift ideas for a decadent hobo are. I immediately think of Stevie Nicks circa Fleetwood Mac Rumours era. Or Pamela Des Barres in her first memoir I’m With The Band and her time being in the first all-girl rock group, Girls Together Outrageously. Now that have you have a taste of what type of lady this pertains to, let us begin.



The first thing any self respecting boheme needs are rocks and candles to set the atmosphere. I suggest earthy woody smells, ones that smell like nature with mystery. Woodlot makes organic coconut & non-gmo soy wax candles with heavenly names like Cascadia and Wildwoods. My favourite candles are Woodlot because of their long burn time and incredible blend of essential oils. I can always get behind anything with patchouli as an ingredient, of course.

Rocks are another wonderful holiday gift idea for a decadent hobo. They could be into crystal gridding or even just love to have them around as decor. I love scrolling the gem section of The Witchery as well as Cave & Canyon. Both shops have an incredible selection of jaw-dropping specimens.



If her lips aren’t already stained in wine, she is most certainly wearing a dark lip shade. My suggestion would be Diorific Rouge Khol in Bold Amethyst from their Holiday Kiss Collection. It is the most flawless deep purple matte lipstick that comes in the most opulent tube. Perhaps a perfect holiday gift idea for a decadent hobo? I believe so.



I spend a decent amount of my life swanning around in pajamas and thus, so does a decadent hobo. I’m the decadent hobo, if you haven’t already gathered that. Once upon a time, I would wear anything I had around, torn gift-with-purchase beer boxers, volunteer swag, or old band t shirts. It’s the dawn of a new era of luxury, this decadent hobo has upgraded to matching pajama sets. I feel most elegant in my Bed to Brunch floral pjs. I treasure them because I could actually go from bed to brunch should the opportunity of a unexpected breakfast pop up leaving me limited prep time.



A decadent hobo should have a plethora of books strewn across her apartment. The latest addition to my personal library is the epic photography tome of the golden age of groupies. My favourite photographer, Baron Wolman and his book Groupies and other Electric Ladies belongs on any decadent hobo’s coffee table. Pamela Des Barres recent release, Let It Bleed: How to Write a Rockin’ Memoir is also a must read. Especially if you’re interested in penning a memoir of your own!



Finally, rose gin, preferably consumed from a tea set inherited from a deceased grandmother, is the ultimate drink of choice. Dillon’s Rose Gin is so good, it can be enjoyed on ice with a bit of soda water. I add some mint leaves just to class it up a bit. A garnish always adds a touch of class.

In conclusion, this was basically just my Christmas list I didn’t bother to send to santa. Thanks for reading! Those are all my holiday gift ideas for a decadent hobo (AKA me)  🙂

photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz

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