Dinner at Pompey’s Grill

Last week I wrote about my unreal stay at the Sacajawea Hotel. This week, allow me to let you experience the phenomenal dinner at Pompey’s Grill that I enjoyed immensely. The restaurant is an extension of the immaculately restored hotel. The interior feels rich with all the dark wood and plush booths. The dreamy decor set the tone for the whole meal experience. Keep scrolling to start drooling.


The Ambience

A warm fire was steps away from our booth but I was too busy enjoying the most perfect lighting beaming from our menus. Yes, you heard me right. BEAMING LIGHT FROM THE MENUS! The menu’s were back lit. I have no idea what kind of sorcery is involved to make that happen, but I can confirm that the illumination was that of ring light / beauty mirror quality. Every restaurant with low lighting should take a lesson and do this to their menus because it was a great addition.

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Appetizers & Drinks

Our meal began with warm bread and three different spreads – a tapenades, garlic in oil, and an artichoke dip. That was followed by a surprise wine pairing and scallop with miso and mushrooms. It was easily one of the best scallops I have ever had in my life! Then came our order of flash fried calamari with cuttlefish ink. Delightful. Those were washed down easily with a flight of beers from local micro breweries. Montana: home of gorgeous scenery and good beer!

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The Main Event

The first sea scallop was not nearly enough. It only served as a sampler, an excuse for me to order them as a main for dinner. I regret nothing. This time they came crusted with mustard seed and every bite was heaven. They were the biggest and best sea scallops. Writing about them has me mentally considering if it’s feasible to drive 10 hours for a sea scallop. My brain is saying not, my heart is urging me otherwise. In addition to the mind blowing sea scallops, we had unbelievably juicy Anaheim peppers stuffed with oyster mushrooms, kale, tomatoes, and caramelized onions. Yum. Then came the seared Ahi Tuna and I could have cried. It was done perfectly and was complimented by the lentils, almonds, and winter greens. Double yum.

dinner-at-pompeys-grill-sacajawea-montana-15 dinner-at-pompeys-grill-sacajawea-montana-16 dinner-at-pompeys-grill-sacajawea-montana-17

You can have dinner at Pompey’s Grill at:

5 North Main Street
Three Forks, Montana

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