General Concern x New Classics Studios

Stylish people of Edmonton rejoice! General Concern, a interior designers dream, and New Classics Studios, a modern eco-concious clothing shop have gone from digital to brick and mortar. And I couldn’t be more excited! It’s not often that two cool online Canadian retailers team up to open a shop. And as much as I love shopping online, I love going into a store and browsing so much more. There’s something nostalgic about being able to linger around a boutique smelling and touching wares. For those of us lucky enough to live in Edmonton, General Concern x New Classics Studios shop is now open in Manulife Place. Read on for a peek at what’s in store.

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General Concern

Danny Ross has an impeccable resume when it comes to interior design. Having worked with Armstrong 29, Izm, and as a contributor for Avenue Magazine, he knows what he’s doing. When it comes to curating your home with beautiful and well designed items, Danny is the man to speak to. On top of stocking this dreamy shop, he even went and learned how to hand roll incense in Asia for his GC line. Yup. He’s a prime example of someone doing the most. One of my favourite brands he is currently carrying is Concrete Cat, a local concrete accessory line.

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New Classics Studios

Perhaps you recall a couple of years ago when New Classics Studios did a local portrait on me and I was lucky enough to style / model a few of my favourite pieces from their shop. If not, here’s the two posts New Classics and Wear The Change for you to browse. Alyssa Lau, the creator of New Classics is also a seasoned staple in the online Canadian fashion scene having started out as a blogger on her site Ordinary People. Now she’s stepping out of the digital and into real life with her sustainable clothing shop which carries such cool brands as baserange, Kowtow, and Eliza Faulkner. UPDATE || New Classics Studios has finished their pop up at General Concern – but you can still find them on their website.

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2nd floor Manulife Place
Edmonton, AB

Monday – Wednesday – 10am to 5:30pm
Thursday – Friday – 10am to 8pm
Sunday – 10am – 5pm

General Concern  – Instagram / Facebook / Website
New Classics StudiosInstagram / Twitter / Facebook / Website

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