Sparkle and Shine

I know, I know, we’re already two weeks into this month and I’m living life looking in the rear view. My outfit on New Year’s Eve was just too spectacular to not document on the blog as well. I even chose a sweet Econoline Crush song as the title! Who used to listen to Sparkle and Shine repeatedly? In any case, when it comes to NYE, wearing a lot of sparkle is my duty. I resurrected this vintage frock from the depths of my closet to sparkle and shine one more time. The last time I wore it was my sister’s second Halloween wedding in Vegas. She was married by Elvis. It was magic. A couple years have passed so I thought it was appropriate to give it a second life.



vintage dress
Claira boots ALDO c/o


Are You Ready Boots? Start Walking!

Despite the weather being -40 here in Edmonton, I made a commitment to my sparkle and shine dress code agenda and wore this. I threw on some sparkle tights and away I went into the night. Bonus points for my outfit matching the frost on every surface of every thing outside. I can confirm that the Aldo Claira boots are easy to wear for extended periods of time however they are not that effective in the grip department. If worn, I advise either having the arm of a dreamy suitor or non-icy conditions. They look super dope scrunched down a la 80s dream girl or pulled up for more of a Grace Jones vibe. Either way, I’m planning on wearing these grocery shopping with a vintage fur coat in the near future.

photographs – Jesse Sand

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