Valentine’s Presents for Your Lover, Your Partner, and Your Pals

February 14th, a day that is both loved and loathed in equal amounts, is fast approaching. It’s day in which romance is king despite the holiday possibly having a dark history. It’s said that Emperor Clausius II, an ancient Roman, executed two men on February 14th, both named Valentine. The Catholic Church then created a celebration to honour their martyrdom and called it… you guessed it: St. Valentine’s Day. (Read more about that on NPR’s The Dark Origins of Valentine’s Day.) Bloody history aside, it’s a day that is shoved in our faces before we even reach New Year’s Eve. I wanted to present a sex positive gift guide for any type of relationship, including the one you have with yourself. A possibly fictitious holiday isn’t required to celebrate the love you have with any of the people in your life. If acknowledging the holiday is not an option, then take this as a list of great items that are all TPS approved. So here it is, the ultimate list of Valentine’s Presents for Your Lover, Your Partner, and Your Pals. (Or even yourself!)


Steamy Literature

You know what’s really sexy? Knowledge. It’s even more hot when that knowledge is in the field of sexual health and relationships. What is hotter than that? I’ve spent a bit of time these past few months reading a few attitude shifting books.

Take for instance, Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied: A Kinky Guide to the Best Sex Ever by Mistress Jaiya. Not only does it go into depth about introducing kink into your sex life, whatever that may mean to you, it also offers helpful suggestions about keeping an open mind and dialog about needs and wants. It breaks down the difference between willing to do something, wanting to do something, and consensual play. A very informative read indeed.

The Ethical Slut by Janet W. Hardy and Dossie Easton is yet another must read especially for those interested in open and other nonconventional relationships beyond the limits of traditional monogamy. Whether this appeals in a personal context or not, it’s a riveting read that can foster an open mind towards an otherwise socially poo-pooed concept.

Lastly, Good Sex: Getting Off Without Checking Out by Jessica Graham is a captivating read I would recommend to ALL women of any age as well as men. Every one is all about being “mindful” these days but does that trickle into their sex lives? It certainly should!


A Touch of Kink

Power dynamics can be fun to play with in general. When you introduce some accessories to the mix, it can take it to a whole new level. Bijoux Indiscrets has a little something for everyone! Not only are their products well designed, their Maze line is 100% vegan! I can attest to the quality of the pieces. They even arrive in sleek black boxes. Opening each item is a sexy task I will happily do any day. Right now they’re even offering 30% off of items in their Valentine’s section which is worth checking out. Now this is a “naughty” little idea for a Valentine’s presents for your lover, your partner, and your pals! Bonus – some of the pieces are totally wearable in real life too. Their harnesses can look pretty bad ass paired with the right dress!


Decadent Treats

Call it cliché but chocolate and champagne are classics, period. Chocolate can never go out of style because it is constantly evolving. Take for instance the brains behind CXBO, a chocolatier out of Toronto they’re constantly pushing the boundaries of flavour and design. Each piece of chocolate they create is an art piece in itself. I would love to meet the person who wouldn’t be stoked to receive a box of their Rose Petals Collection. Here are the flavours: Passionfruit Caramel, Rose Caramel, Cinnamon Caramel, and Pink Salted Caramel. Don’t even get me started on their Love Bar; there should be rose essence in EVERYTHING! Pair that with a glass of Veuve Clicquot in a delicate Kate Spade Grace Avenue flute. VOILA! Valentine’s magic!


The Toys

When considering what a good gift might be, there’s one category that will be both well used and well loved. Here’s the real Valentine’s presents for your lover, your partner, and your pals. This list will check off all those boxes 😉 This isn’t a definitive list, of course. For more ideas head on over to my Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Body Positive Friend.

For The Gals

Every one of your women friends needs an incredible vibrator. Lelo does not mess around when creating amazing sex toys and the Mona Wave is everything you could want. It combines vibrations with a come hither type wave motion. Pretty dreamy, right? Add in the Lelo Sona and you’ll never leave your bedroom again.


And The Guys

There is plenty of information on the internet regarding prostate pleasure and health. I can’t speak to it first hand for obvious physiological reasons. That said, Lelo’s Loki Wave is the male version of the Mona Wave, a product I can attest to.

And Then The Couples

There are two couples toys that are worth investing in immediately. Firstly, the Mio by Je Joue. It’s a vibrating cock ring that packs a lot of punch. Then the Lelo Tiani 3, a remote controlled couples toy than can be enjoyed at a distance but also while together. It’s all about enhancing the intimacy, not detracting from it. Hot tip: Lelo is currently having a 50% off sale. Their products are priced to their quality so this is a deep discount to jump on!


Pretty Little Lacy Things

Lastly, the lingerie. It’s not cheesy if it’s gorgeous. Whenever I wear a matching lacy set, I can’t help but feel good. Blush Lingerie has been a longtime favourite of mine and that won’t be changing anytime soon. I’m especially digging their sheer desire and the loveswept collections. Both lacy but completely different vibes. In addition to being gorgeous, they’re also comfortable which is key.

What are some of your top recommended Valentine’s Presents for Your Lover, Your Partner, and Your Pals?

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