3 Ways To Dress for Outdoor Adventures (With Style)

Winter is not a season that is known for its cute clothing. We have romanced the hell out of spring, summer, and fall but winter still remains a burden. But it doesn’t have to! At least not when it comes to outdoor adventure. Having spent a decent amount of time outdoors surrounded by heaps of snow, I am knowledgeable when it comes to what’s warm. My style choices, however, are subjective so take them with a grain of salt. With that in mind, here are 3 ways to dress for outdoor adventures (with style)!


All Black with Fun Accessories

Sometimes all black is the answer. In fact, I would argue that MOST times all black is the answer. It’s just so convenient. My version of all-black-everything always involves a kitsch factor. Whether it be a bold accessory (such as my alpaca afro) or a little pop of colour (rose tinted sunglasses) something needs to make a statement.

OUTFIT | LULULEMON Jacket + Pants – c/o| SOREL Joan of Arctic Boots – c/o | Gabriola Alpaca Farm Hat | ALDO Qilalla sunglasses – c/o | Turtleneck – unknown | CANADA GOOSE Leather Mitts – c/o |

winter-style-3-ways-4 winter-style-3-ways-7 winter-style-3-ways-8

So Many Layers

As it is no surprise when I say it can get very chilly during winter. One of the best ways to battle this is with layers! So so so very many layers! This tactic for dressing can work well with wild colours, all black, and muted earth tones. I always begin with a base layer of either Lululemon insulating running leggings and a top or one of Burton’s many options for base layers. Both companies know how to make thin insulating layers for wearing under clothes. Then I add a denim and an oversized sweater for good measure. The rest is really up to personal taste. This is the most important of the 3 ways to dress for outdoor adventures (with style) in my opinion.

OUTFIT |  BURTON Shenandoah Beanie – c/o  | THRIFTED sweater | BURTON Bixby Long Down Jacket – c/o (also comes in true black) | FRANK & OAK Stevie High Waisted Denim – c/o | SOREL Cozy Carnival Boots – c/o | CANADA GOOSE Leather Mitts – c/o |

winter-style-3-ways-11 winter-style-3-ways-12

Power Clashing Patterns

By far my favourite advice of all is to manifest an outfit so wild that it would be visible to a helicopter should there be an emergency situation. I kid. But definitely something to take into consideration should the mountains be a destination of choice. Burton is by far my ride or die (literally and figuratively ride, that is) outdoor clothier. There’s no way I’m getting #FoxyOutdoorsy in anything less than a leopard print snowpant and Japanese landscape patterned coat. Together, in harmony. If I could somehow get my neon pink one piece from 1995, I would surely still wear it. In the meantime, I’ll settle for the tasteful offerings from Burton.

OUTFIT | BURTON Shenandoah Beanie – c/o | BURTON x L.A.M.B. Jet Blonde Bomber Jacket – c/o | BURTON Leopard Snow Pants – c/o | CANADA GOOSE Leather Mitts – c/o | SOREL Joan of Arctic Boots – c/o 

winter-style-3-ways-14 winter-style-3-ways-15

3 Ways To Dress for Outdoor Adventures (With Style)

These were the three outfits I wore over and over again while out and about in Montana. During my stay at the Sacajawea Hotel, a historic lodging in Three Forks, Montana, it snowed A LOT. It was December after all. Rather than hide away in bed, which was very tempting, we braved the cold. Thanks to my many layers and functional pieces, I was able to go on long walks without completely freezing up. It all begins and ends with a good boot! I’ve worn Sorel footwear for many years and they haven’t ever let me down! Do you have any secret tips for winter dressing?

Photographs – Jesse Sand + Sandy Karpetz

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