A Bold Coat at the Butterdome

Another winter look with the jacket I cannot stop wearing. Every year it’s the same thing. I dread the snow, I accept the snow, and then I loathe the snow when it won’t eff off. I have lived places where the crocuses would be blooming right now. Alas, I cannot get on that train of thought or else madness will ensue. Instead of resenting the weather, I’m going to stand near buildings that are the colour of warmer seasons. So I bring you a bold coat at the Butterdome. Can you believe there’s a building that not only has all the characteristics of a brick of butter but it goes by the name Butterdome? It’s just like a character in Blues Clues. Speaking of which, I’ve begun to name all my possessions literally. Legit typing on my new laptop whose name is Mr. Computer. I digress. Keep scrolling for style.


The Higher the Platform, the Further From Snow

I never claimed to wear reasonable footwear. I reserve those types of shoes for running errands and the like. In the winter, you either need a sturdy snowboot that will block the -30 windchill or a platform that will allow you to rise above. Now you may be thinking “Seriously? Those are the options?” Well guess what, there’s a third option: move away. Now there’s a hot idea! Then I will never have to write at length about dressing for cold weather a la last week’s style post: 3 Ways to Dress for Outdoor Adventures (With Style).

bold-coat-at-the-butterdome-1 bold-coat-at-the-butterdome-5 bold-coat-at-the-butterdome-6


SPRING Dwaurien Backpack SPRING – c/o | SPRING Polosko Black Boots – c/o | ADORE ME bodysuit – c/o | FRANK & OAK denim | LONDON FOG Coat – vintage |


A Body-Ody-Ody-Ody Suit for Warmth

What I lack in clothing around my midsection (refer to mesh body suit) I make up for in other sensible ways. A hat. A long cobalt wool duster. You know, just the essentials. Perhaps I should take a lesson from myself and actually layer up. Where would the fun be in that? If I’m going to freeze, I might as well do it in a ice cold blaze of glory. Maybe my rose gold tinted hair will keep me warm?


A Bold Coat at the Butterdome

It’s worth noting that I also made the blog post title incredibly literal. This fact just came to me as I was reviewing the post. It appears that I am currently going through a phase of calling it like it is. It is unclear if this bodes well for me or not. I suppose time will tell. However, in the meantime since I’m on such a roll, I might as well truly lean into it. This jacket will be known as Blue Coat from now on. 🙂

photographs – Jesse Sand

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