How to Improve Your Winter Mood

Oh winter! So pretty in pictures and such a dreamy thing in theory. It has this magical quality up until December 31st. Then it gets tiresome digging your car from underneath a foot of snow. And when you realize the rest of the world actually gets to see crocuses blooming at the end of February, that’s when the reality sets in. That’s when I have a crisis about lifestyle choices and wonder how I ended up back in the Great White North so to speak. I had my out and yet here I am. So I’ve made the best of it. The only way to get over it is to give in to it. Only then can you truly enjoy it. Here’s a few tips on how to improve your winter mood:


winter-wonderland-style-2 winter-wonderland-style-3

A Change in Palette

One major key on how to improve a winter mood is dressing to please. This year I’ve been leaning into the snowiness by putting in some extra effort in. Nothing makes me feel more amped on a situation than if I’m wearing an elevated look. I find it’s easy to default to winter blacks. Whipping out a pop of colour has the ability not only lift your mood but the people around you. Making my life a pink winter wonderland has definitely elevated my mood this year. It’s so easy to slip in a Phantom Tollbooth Doldrums-esque state if you aren’t aware of how your surroundings are making you feel. In addition to some vitamin D3, I prescribe a dose of colour for the season.

winter-wonderland-style-6 winter-wonderland-style-7


hat – alpaca farm Gabriola
top – c/o H&M
jacket – c/o Banana Republic
denim – c/o Frank & Oak
sneakers – c/o Vans


Smile If You Can

When I’m running, my Samsung Health app will shout encouragements such as “Smile If You Can.” I have taken this advice to the streets and in to my every day life. It’s surprisingly extremely effective. It’s hard to feel bad shovelling the walk when you’ve decided to start smiling. It sounds cheesy as hell, but I stand by my commitment to this technique!


Here Comes The Sun

I really wasn’t kidding about that vitamin D3. Especially if you live in a northern city, it’s a must. In addition to that, why not head outside and connect with nature? My number one rule this year has been to not allow the weather dictate what I will and will not do. There may be a snowstorm but you better believe I’m making it to my lunch date and going to a rowing class. I may not get there as quickly as I normally would, but I’ll be there!

photographs – Audrey KarpetzĀ 

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