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It was only a matter of time before I was at it again. First it was the Kon Tiki in Tucson, Arizona. Then it was the Shameful Tiki Room in Vancouver, BC. Now it’s time to take the tiki to the next level: The Sip ‘N Dip Lounge. Located in the O’Haire Motor Inn in downtown Great Falls, Montana, The Sip ‘N Dip Lounge has stayed true to its original kitsch beginnings when it opened in 1962. Piano Pat, a musical institution at the ol S&D gives nightly performances on her keyboards. The music is a great accompaniment to the mermaids swimming around in a pool behind the bar. Need I say more? Yes I do. They were even named the #1 bar on earth worth flying to by GQ Magazine in 2003! Keep scrolling for your tour of the Sip ‘N Dip Lounge:



Expect the classics from any standard American bar but an added list of their signature tiki cocktails. What the drinks lack in inspiration, the ambience of the room more than makes up for. At the very least, it’s affordable and comes in a cute plastic cup (sponsored by Bacardi). I say this with love. All of these things only added to the charm of the place for me.

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The Entertainment

As I had mentioned before, Piano Pat if a musical fixture at the Sip ‘N Dip Lounge. She is perched in a central part of the tiki bar. She’s the first thing you see when you walk in and the only thing you’ll want to listen to while drinking some blue cocktail. Her cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” moved me in ways I still cannot explain. Her music paired with the flirty mermaids was perfection. I have never seen an underwater kiss blown with such zeal. I kept trying to enjoy their swimming prowess but was simultaneously hyper aware of what an exhausting job that must be. They were spectacular! Head on over to The Pretty Secrets Tiki Tour Instagram story highlights for some video action of Piano Pat and the mermaids.

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The Decor

If I am not mistaken, I would be bold and say that the decor has not changed at all since 1962. This brings me great pleasure that even the bar tables are still the seahorse patterned formica. The only thing I would bet has been replaced is the carpet. Like all good tiki bars, it has the straw thatched ceiling coverings, sassy velvet paintings, and lots of sealife lighting. That’s a recipe for success.


You can find The Sip ‘N Dip Lounge at:

17 7th Street South
Great Falls, Montana

11:30am – Midnight
Monday – 11:30am – Midnight
Tuesday – Saturday 11:30am – 2:00am
(Check their Calendar for Mermaid Times & Mermaid Brunches!)

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