Lunch at the Glade Sketch London

Any visit to London should have a meal at Sketch included on the itinerary. Since the main attraction, The Gallery is in high demand, book a high tea well in advance for choice times! If not, a lunch at The Glade Sketch London is also a wonderful alternative. It’s what I opted for. But don’t worry, a trip to the bathroom includes walking through the infamous millennial pink Gallery room. Capture a perfect Instagram of the way to the loo! Keep scrolling for interiors worthy of a Wes Anderson movie. It’s truly an artist-conceived restaurant and is void of a bad angle.


Cocktails Please!

One cannot deny the allure of a fantastically made cocktail! After wandering down the bustling Regent Street post Lush Cosmetics Spa London sailor inspired massage experience, I was ready for a refreshing drink. A nice way to continue my relaxing day! Their selection of tea also looked appealing, the Brits know their tea after all.

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Feed Me!

If the cocktails weren’t enough to convince you, then perhaps the brunch & breakfast menu might. It appears The Glade has gone through a mini redecoration and now offers breakfast. Their menu still looks phenomenal, as was my fish dish that I savored every bite of! Feel free to peep the latest Glade Breakfast menu offerings.


Interior Goals

As I mentioned before, Sketch London is a gem of a restaurant in Mayfair. Their standards of decor meet the quality of food in perfect matrimony of visuals and flavours. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting since The Glade’s mini facelift back in January, but the woodsy wallpaper is still a main feature. The rattan furniture has been replaced with some dreamy Victorian-esque loveseats and chairs. I’m excited to see it in person next time I’m in town! Fear not, the pod washrooms and the Gallery are still their wonderful charming selves.


You can have lunch at The Glade Sketch London here:

9 conduit street
London, England

Sketch London – Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Website

photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz

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