Oliver Apartment Shop Tour

Oliver Apartment is a beloved jewel in the city of Edmonton. What was once started as a home improvement project by Landon Schedler, a third generation carpenter, Oliver Apt has transformed into so much more. The brand has grown both in builders, studio size, and product range. Not only did they launch their first capsule collection in 2017 in addition to their custom build furniture, but chances are you’ve already experienced the brand in a local restaurant. Pip, Wilfred’s, Meat, and Farrow are just a few of the local eateries with OA’s solid wood creations. With that said, join me for an Oliver Apartment Shop Tour!


The Capsule Collection

What initially started out as a few pieces for the capsule collection, the line has now grown to 20 ready made items one can order straight from the Oliver Apartment site. This collection consists of small wood accessories such as the Hang Time, Knife Fight, and Hop Stick. As well as larger furniture pieces such as the Victoria Bench, Strathearn Stools, and my personal favourite, the Central Table. If some of the product names are feeling familiar to you, it’s because many of their goods are named after Edmonton neighbourhoods and landmarks. (A High Level Table anyone? 😉 ) The latest addition to the line is the the Cloverdale Coffee Table and Cloverdale Side Table – two bright and bold designs for someone looking for a little pop of wild in their home.

Wood Options

There are three amazing woods that they work with for their ready-made line: Black Walnut, Ash, and White Oak. Each option gives their designs a completely different look to suit anyone’s home. Black Walnut is definitely my favourite material, as the finish is so rich looking in photos and in person. I’ve always fancied myself as a white and light kind of gal for home decor but everything changed when I saw their Central Table in Black Walnut.

The Oliver Apartment Ambience

My favourite part of visiting their shop and showroom was feeling their sincere exuberance for crafting furniture for people. It is very clear they’re designing and building things that they love in a city they care a great deal about. It’s hard not to get jazzed about a city and it’s inhabitants when a local company is creating an ambience like that! It made me love my neighbourhood (their namesake) even more.

Oliver Apartment in My Oliver Apartment

Not only do I live in Oliver (how perfect) I now have an Oliver Apartment Central Table and Victoria Bench to call my own. It’s with great excitement that I will finally be revealing the first finished room in my place. Here’s a sneak photo of what’s to come! In the meantime, here’s where to find Oliver Apt in the digital space:



Photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz // Jesse Sand


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