My Oliver Apartment Dining Room Reveal

I’ve only had my condo for three years now so to say this is long overdue would be a gross understatement. My, my how time flies when you’re having fun renovating a 70s condo with your dad who’s a snowbird and only available a few months out of the year. I digress. I finally have a dining room! And that is most certainly cause for celebration. Located in the neighbourhood that was voted #1 in Vue Weekly’s best of Edmonton, my condo is finally getting to the point of livability and I could not be more pleased about it. Without further adieu, keep scrolling for a peek at My Oliver Apartment Dining Room Reveal.


I had a very unique problem with lighting which only people who live in ~vintage~ homes come across. New homeowners sit this one out, character homeowners, you know what I’m talking about. Most of the lighting in my condo requires a swag light. What makes this lighting so problematic is its obscurity in modern design. That is, unless you’re up on Kijiji searching brass chandeliers with smoked brown glass. With the right design, that can be attractive. The fixture I inherited from the previous owner, however, wasn’t cute. Because of this, I was forced to scour the internet. Finally, I came across this industrial fixture from Wayfair. It was modern, simple, and a swag!!!! It’s actually available both pendent and swag for anyone who doesn’t suffer from my particular lighting limitations. I was even able to get a filament LED bulb to jive with the antique feel of the fixture.


A dining room wouldn’t be complete without an amazing table. Fortunately for me, there is a custom furniture builder that also has a ready-made line right here in Edmonton! The stars aligned and I became the proud owner of an Oliver Apt Central Table for my Oliver Apartment. It’s a little too perfect to be true, but that’s what makes it so great. This is the medium size in black walnut. The day it was delivered, I knew it was a piece that I will have and cherish for many years to come. The timeless design paired with the immaculate finishing makes it an heirloom piece. It’s been such a lovely addition to my home that I have completely forsaken my IKEA desk and have begun working exclusively from the Central Table.


For the seating around the Central Table, I have another Oliver Apt ready-made piece. The Victoria Bench in black walnut is a great way to seat a lot of people around a large table. If I had a foyer big enough, I would put one in there too or even at the end of my bed! It’s the type of piece that has a number of different functions depending on the room its in. Along with the Victoria Bench, I also have a few white Herman Miller fibreglass Eames chairs I’ve been slowly collecting. It wouldn’t be a Sandy Joe home without some vintage pieces thrown in for good measure especially when that vintage is circa 1960s.


Now that I’m finally able to have people over, of course I have a short list of delicious food go-to’s from some local establishments. When entertaining, I love to share my favourite places around town from the comfort of my own home. A few of my choice picks include: Doughnut Party, Love Pizza, and Jacek Chocolates to name a few. And as a creature of habit, I usually stick to my favourites.


Let’s begin this food tale with Love Pizza. They have two locations – one of which is conveniently located in the Oliver Area on 109th st and Jasper Ave (the second location is in St Albert) Their Holy Shitake (vegetarian) pie is so freaking good. I love loading it up with pickled red onion and sometimes even adding artichokes too. Gah, I’m making myself hungry just writing about this! My second choice is always the City Market without the chicken. And when it comes to parties, pizza is always the answer.


Where do I even begin? Doughnut Party has been open for a little over a year now and has brought joy to many occasions in my life. Their happily dressed doughnuts are a thing of wonder. And much like Love Pizza, it’s also very close to home. They’re located in Queen Mary Park, but are also available on UberEats so a delightful doughnut is just a click away. My top flavour has to be their birthday cake doughnut with all the tasty crumbles. However, I won’t completely impose my taste on my guests. I like to get the party box and mix it up with their ever-changing roster of flavours.

Doughnut Party & Henry Miller chairs 


Lastly, Jacek Chocolates – Edmonton’s own chocolatier. Jacek is what happens when fashion meets high end chocolate and have a child. It’s delicious and attractive. I almost feel guilting eating all the gorgeous pieces but then I taste it and have zero regrets. My year round favourites to get are the Candied Ginger and the Dark Chocolate Almonds. In addition to those treats, each season they launch a new limited edition collection. This year, I could not get enough of their Summer 2018 Playlist Collection. I suggest trying it out immediately while it’s still in stock!

Jacek chocolate Summer 2018 Playlist Collection is music festival themed!


Most importantly to any home are the weird bits that personalize it. With that said, the bookshelves in my living room are a small smattering of many random things. It’s a delicate mixture of pieces that have made their way out of storage, books majoraly written by women, rocks from The Witchery, and as many candles as I can afford. For a multitude of reasons, many of my personal effects are still in storage since I moved home from university due to my nomadity. While some pieces have definite sentimental value such as the red toy car from my mom’s childhood, other chachkis have made the cut for their sheer ridiculousness. SEE: My jumbo Klondike Mike lighter gifted to me by a wonderful woman. Much like my furniture, I like to mix old and new with reckless abandon. The phrase “too much” is a statement I rarely listen to.


One can never have too many of all of the following: cameras, candles, & books. So here’s a quick list of the ones on my bookshelf that I have been swooning over. Obsessing is so passe, it’s all about swooning in 2018.


INSTAX SQ6 – the square format instant camera we have all been waiting for! I love taking this lil guy on trips with me.
INSTAX Mini 8 – the smaller rectangular option we all know and love
Lomo’Instant – for those who want a giant rectangular picture. A little bulky for travel, but worth it.

(photos from each of those cameras are up randomly throughout my house)


Sydney Hale Co in Woods from Maven & Grace – I smell this and my eyes roll to the back of my head
Woodlot in Cascadia – close your eyes and imagine being in a forest in the PNW after it rained.
Woodlot in Wildwoods – reminds me of a campfire in a fragrant woods
Diptyque Patchouli – one small and one big because I need to be ensconced in that hippy scent
Diptyque Feu de Bois – reminds me of wandering around Liberty in London and touching expensive clothes but with a moody edge
Ester + Erik tapers from Maven & Grace – every dining room needs an assortment of these!


Let It Bleed: How to Write a Rockin Memoir – Pamela Des Barres (tbh I have all of her books in multiples)
The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath
Babe – Petra Collins
Women in Clothes – Sheila Heti
Rookie Yearkbooks – Edited by Tavi Gevinson

My Oliver Apartment Dining Room Reveal

That concludes the tour! Thanks so much for joining me on My Oliver Apartment Dining Room Reveal! If you’d like to see another finished corner of my home, check out my post about 10 Ways to Make Your Home More Spa Like. Another home story post is a before and after tour of my former condo at the John Deere Lofts. And as always, if you enjoyed this post and video, be sure to subscribe to the Sandy Joe Karpetz YouTube channel for more upcoming updates from me!

Photographs – Jesse Sand & Sandy Karpetz

Many thanks to Oliver Apt for the Central Table & Victoria Bench // and to Doughnut Party, Love Pizza, and Jacek for the treats!

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