Road Tripping to Gabriola Island

If there is one thing I hold dear to my heart, it’s my annual trip out to the coast. Each and every summer I make a concerted effort to go to to the island and unwind. This year was no different except for the addition of an iPhone X. I always lug my Nikon D800 every where I go. At first it was out of obligation of my job to DOCUMENT EVERYTHING and then it was just out of sheer habit. This time I did bring the camera but it never left the depths of my backpack. Instead, I employed the use of my iPhone X for Road Tripping to Gabriola Island. I have to tell you, it did not disappoint. But hey, don’t take my word for it – just keep scrolling for hard evidence of its power.

Portrait Mode

One of the most fun features to use on the iPhone X camera is Portrait Mode. It’s basically like having a DSLR in hand but without the weight and bulkiness. This magical mode creates the sharpest looking photos with the sought after bokeh background effect. (When photos have a blurred out background). I went a little buck wild with this mode when I stalked the animals at the Alpaca Farm. I have no regrets about that because they were such charismatic critters and deserved all the attention they got. So cute.


Forget the arduous editing process, every photo I took was already worthy of being posted. I cannot even begin to formulate how much time this saves me. Every time I took a shot and looked at it later, I couldn’t help but exclaim “BLESS!” exuberantly as I scrolled through the photo album. Perhaps I might be a bit dramatic but I prefer to think of it as enthusiasm.

Jesse found some new friends to go for a drink with

This was the texture of a parking lot! Yes, the parking lot was a giant rock.

Drawing Comics & Apple Picking

Passing time on the island comes to me unnaturally. I’m so used to the go-go-go attitude of living in the city. Getting back on island time requires a little bit more finessing and letting go. Even though I had insanely good phone coverage thanks to Telus 🤳🏼it was to have the option to not feel obligated to my phone. We spent a considerable amount of time wandering the island’s many walking paths, eating blackberries off of bushes, and picking apples. Beyond that, I joked about starting a gossip rag to rival the local paper, The Gabriola Sounder. I called it, The Gabriola Gabber, and invented “juicy” stories. It brought me back to my childhood when I would spend most of my summer’s drawing comics and writing stories. While, my illustration skills have not matured, at least I still have some semblance of an imagination in this digital age.

Road Tripping to Gabriola Island

If you want to see more from this trip, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as a vlog is coming up soon and it was shot partially on the iPhone X as well! If you want to peep some island style from last year, check out The Great Escape. 🤙🏻

photographs – Jesse Sand + Sandy Joe Karpetz

Many thanks to Telus for providing me with the iPhone X 

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