I Wore One Dress All Summer Long

Let me tell you about a story about a dress I found while thrifting. Every so often, I will head out to the suburbs to check out what’s what in the thrift. On a whole, the best finds I’ve come across are from thrift stores off the beaten path. And by beaten path, I mean nestled deep in the suburbs only accessible by car. This dress was no exception as it seemed like a random overpriced thrift find at first. It is after all, just a GAP dress. The price was $19.99 which to me, makes me wonder if thrift stores think they’re discount outlets and not shops full of used goods they received for free. My side eye to pricey thrifting aside, I decided to take the plunge and purchase it. Little did I know that this would result in the following: I Wore One Dress All Summer Long.


BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD Renegade Hat – c/o
RAY BAN Clubmaster Sunglasses
VINTAGE GAP thrifted dress – available at Thred Up  
VINTAGE straw bag – thrifted (similar here)
VANS sk8-hi shoes – c/o

The Accessories

A juicebox is the perfect summer accessory. I’m only half kidding when I say that. It’s the perfect size to fit in a thrifted woven purse, it quenches my thirst, and there’s something very juvenile/charming about it. Kiju is my go-to for juices in petite and regular sized portions. I use the apple juice to fill out my green drink concoctions I make every morning. In addition to a juicebox, the next best thing in the accessory department is a trusty pair of sunglasses. Over the years I have grown my Ray-Ban collection from one oversized pair of Wayfarers to a full family. These silver Clubmasters were last year’s new member.

One Dress To Rule Them All

Yeah that’s right, I threw a little JRR Tolkien in there. I didn’t have a full on “mY pReCiOuS” moment when I found this dress. However, it did become a large part of the landscape of my summertime memories. And it’s usage has bled into fall with the addition of tights. A good solid dress should be able to transcend the seasons with little tweaks. If you want to see this dope dress in action, I suggest checking out my Summer Vacation YouTube video. And if you’re digging what you’re watching, perhaps even Subscribe to my channel! xoxox

photographs – Jesse Sand

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