5 Ways to Get in to the Holiday Spirit

It’s here again! And for the first time in a long time I’m really *feeling it*. This is the first time in five years that I have a tree! The living room is scented in pine and I’m excited to go about the days leading up to Christmas in full blown holiday JOY. Aside from the tree waiting to be decorated in the corner, here are my 5 Ways to Get in to the Holiday Spirit. A list of elevated sensory experiences that don’t require leaving the house.


What’s more festive than creating a personalized greeting card? The answer is NOTHING. Last year I did a whole post on How to Make a Personalized Holiday Card. My second holiday card had a real western theme to it. I dressed up as a square dancer for Halloween then one thing led to another. Creating a personalized holiday card sounds daunting, while it does require a little extra effort, I didn’t have to leave my house once to get it done. I set up a tripod, put wrapping paper on the wall, then posed in my finest honky tonk garb. I uploaded the edited image to Moo and boom a week later the cards were in my hands. If that wasn’t sweet enough, my readers will receive 20% off their first Moo order. (This isn’t sponsored, I legit love this service and I pay for it.)


If there is one major indulgence I can get behind, it’s a high quality scented candle. When it comes to scented a home during the holiday season, I suggest getting woodsy scented candles if a real tree isn’t in the cards. My wintertime favourites for piney scented candles are: NEST in Birchwood Pine and Hearth. Both scents are fantastically festive and burn for a considerable amount of time. At the end of the season, I love reusing the glass containers for makeup brush holders or plant pots. In addition to that, I love Sydney Hale Co, a candle company that gives a portion of their proceeds to a dog shelter! Help dogs and enjoy their hand poured soy candles in the scents Woods or Eucalyptus & Sage for the scent of forest magic in the house.


Last year I decided I didn’t need an advent calendar. I was dead wrong. This year, I remedied the situation in the most decadent way possible: I opted for an advent calendar of artisanal hand-made chocolate. I couldn’t be more happy about this decision. When I was a child, I would diligently open each advent chocolate and record what was on it in my Christmas journal. (I wrote a post about this ridiculous journal years ago.) In order to capture that same excitement as an adult, I needed to elevate the experience. Being a chocolate enthusiast, I knew there was one place to go. Jacek Chocolate is a Canadian treasure and fortunately for me, conveniently located in Edmonton. The love and care they put into each and every flavour of every chocolate they create is unparalleled. Naturally, their advent calendar was my top choice for the holiday season.


If you’re reading this now, you’re too late to get a Jacek Advent Calendar. Fear not! They have many of the amazing chocolates available to purchase in store. Create a custom “advent calendar” by buying a box of 12 chocolates and counting down the days yourself! This is the Fireside Collection and it’s DIVINE! I highly recommend placing an order for next year’s advent calendar in November! (Place a reminder on a phone right now.)


If there is one thing crucial in creating the mood in any situation it’s music. A song has the ability to transport me back in time. I love to employ the use of that magic during the holiday season by creating custom playlists. I do have a selection of Christmas records but alas I have been living out of boxes for so long, I haven’t set up my record player yet. In the meantime, playlists will do. Some of my favourites are A Charlie Brown Christmas by the Vince Guaraldi Trio and Tchaikovsky’ The Nutcracker Soundtrack.

Beverage Center

My life constantly revolves around having ample beverages in my presence. Whether it’s a tepid cup of tea I’ve been sipping on for hours, or my water bottle I take with me wherever I go, I always have what I like to call my “beverage center” with me. When it comes to the holiday season, my beverage center gets a bit of an upgrade. Is it too obvious to say that having some sparkling beverages on hand is a great way to get into the spirit? Of course not, it’s just common sense. This year, I’m adding some La Marca to my center to my usual host of flavoured gins and champagne.

5 Ways to Get in to the Holiday Spirit

And that wraps up a quick little post on on the 5 Ways to Get in to the Holiday Spirit without leaving your home! All that is required is some scents, sounds, and delightful tastes to spur all the senses. This season is all about a sensory overload; I make sure that my senses are being subjected to the most pleasant things possible. Happy Holidays!

photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz

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