The Mustard Mohair Coat

If this coat looks familiar, it’s because it has made a regular appearance around these parts on several occasions. It accompanied me on a trans-atlantic trip to London, Morocco via Iceland. It’s been to Toronto and just about everywhere in my daily life in Edmonton. To say The Mustard Mohair Coat is a staple in my closet, is quite frankly an understatement. It is my cliche go-to coat every fall and spring. That in between coat that fills the gaps between freezing hoth weather to the sunny summertime. And I love it. I love it so much that I have spent hours carefully repairing tears in the lining. All of which was handsewn due to the nature of the damage (internal). I will wear this coat until it’s a damn rag. Even then I will try to salvage the material in some way.


BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD Renegade Hat – c/o
MY NEXT BROKEN HEART Dream On t shirt – c/o
VINTAGE Cardigan – thrifted
JOE FRESH Scarf (old) – c/o
VINTAGE Mohair Jacket – thrifted
FRANK & OAK Debbie Jeans – c/o
HUNTER Moustache Bubble Umbrella – c/o
ALDO Aurella Boots – c/o



These boots are so fantastic they deserve their own headline. Everytime I wear them I receive many compliments – much like I do with the mustard mohair coat. And when I wear them together? It is an unstoppable combination. ALDO continues to steal my heart in their boot section. My latest love from there is the Drerissa boots. They go with EVERYTHING.

Photographs – Jesse Sand


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