The 2018 Blooper Reel

I can’t believe I’m making another one of these posts already. HOW HAS ANOTHER YEAR COME AND GONE? As per usual, I have compiled this annual post. Upon searching, it appears I’ve been offering this type of quality content since 2013. Here are all the previous blooper reels. This year was rather light in bloopery options. This was most likely because I had a bit of a meltdown in the summer and didn’t take as many style editorial shots as I usually do. My deepest apologies. Without further adieu, here is The 2018 Blooper Reel.

Oh Look, I have Some Furniture!

Nothing like posing with a bunch of food that cannot be eaten until we get THE SHOT. Le sigh. Such is life, right? Some people eat their meals warm, some people watch their food go cold. Check out My Oliver Apartment Dining Room Reveal

Just A Few Phone Shots

Of course I had to include just a few phone shots that I captured over the year. The selfies I like to describe as follows: The “Hello I’m Wearing Mcdonald’s Sweatpants” Selfie. The “Hello I’m Running in Winter and Here’s Proof” Selfie. Then the “Hello I Didn’t Realize The Front Camera Was On” Selfie. The “Hello I’m Crossing The Street, Does It Look Natural?” Not Selfie. And finally, the “Hello I Climbed A Mountain in Sedona and Had A Panic Attack On The Way Up But I’m Okay Now” selfie. What memories!

The Sweaty Sun Shoot

Somehow this was made into a blog post despite the circumstances: My Vintage Hawaiian Shirt. I’m surprised my eyebrows didn’t slide off because everything was slipping. The late afternoon sun was a cruel mistress that day and I sweat myself into another dimension. I can see the misery in my expression. 

That YouTube Channel or Whatever

I discovered something that is incredibly time consuming and difficult in my job this year. That’s a trick statement, most things are time consuming and/or difficult when trying to create inspiring/interesting content. I digress, trying to take “glamour” shots of my makeup for my a thumbnail on my YouTube Channel is such a challenge for me. It turns out I don’t have much control over my lips or my crazy eyes and that is how this photo came to be. Also, if you’re interested, this shot came from my NARS x Erdem Strange Flowers Collection review. 

Ode Lang Syne

And with that, another collection of unattractive photographs comes to a close. This is my way of thanking each and everyone of your for coming along on this journey with me. It’s because of all of you that I’m able to pursue my love of fashion as both a job and a hobby. And thank you for tuning into the 2018 blooper reel. I have such a fun time saving up these little hideous gems all year and I promise to capture more goofy moments in 2019. Happy New Year!

xo Sandy Joe


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