COPS Doughnuts Toronto

Who can deny that a doughnut is the perfect dessert? Perfection is exceeded when said doughnut is mini and many in number. While I was in Toronto, I made a point of popping by COPS Doughnuts. It’s a coffee shop located on a dead end side street just off Adelaide Street West. That sounds ominous but I swear it’s not because the building is the perfect shade of millennial pink. Yes, I am still a full on sucker for a good pop of colour. Fortunately, they have the good goods and not just the aEsThEtIc. Keep scrolling for some mega facade eye candy that is COPS Doughnuts Toronto.


COPS Doughnuts’ motto is that “too many options are a prison” – I couldn’t agree more. With that in mind, they have streamlined their menu down to the very basics. Not only does it make ordering a breeze, but it means that the two things they do make, they do it so well. Mini doughnuts and drip coffee. The latter is not my thing, I tried coffee for a short while and it made me borderline crazy but doughnuts I can consume responsibly. They offer three flavours: cinnamon & sugar, OG cops glaze, and a rotating weekly special. 


I’ve recently heard that IG Walls are “over” according to The Atlantic’s article: The Instagram Aesthetic Is Over. But like, are they *really*? I still think influencers and regular people alike will still be looking for *cool* backdrops to shoot with regardless of whether it’s in-the-moment or a heavily produced shot. (I would love to hear thoughts on this) In any case, COPS Doughnuts a great shade of pink but across the street is a shocking yellow wall too. Double whammy!


VINTAGE Mustard Mohair Coat
CLUB MONACO high gloves
FENDI BAG Vintage – similar here & here
VINTAGE Ultrasuede dress
WOLFORD tights – c/o
MATISSE  Caty Boots – c/o


Cops Doughnuts Toronto

Everyone needs to get some mini doughnuts now. And if you have a large enough party, might I suggest ordering The Stakeout if only for the genius name. Interested in more posts about Toronto? Head on over to all my Toronto Travel updates. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Photographs – CC Ruth

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