Alberta Canola Fields

Alberta Canola Fields AKA the sun was high and we went for a ride down a country road and found a field of rapeseed. Yes, canola, for those who don’t know, is called rapeseed. I don’t have much else to say on the topic. Blue skies and fields of canola is a classic Alberta moment that I do enjoy. Anyway, here’s a bunch of photos that we shot in high sun which is ~unusual~ for me. So please enjoy the dress I couldn’t stop wearing! (Perhaps you remember it from my previous post on the Aga Khan Garden) 😎 


BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD black hat – c/o (similar here)
RAY BAN aviator sunglasses – c/o Shopbop
ARITZIA  dress 
VANS  authentic shoes – c/o 

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In conclusion, this was just one of those shoots that wasn’t planned but the lighting and backdrop all came together. It was too gorgeous (in my opinion) not to publish. So despite me not having a larger idea or message to convey here, I hope you enjoyed the photos. Do people even read blogs anymore? Am I typing these words to publish into the abyss? Does it even matter? Nope. 

photographs – Jesse Sand

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