CARBON COPY Edmonton Brewery District

There are many things that bother me about Edmonton. The lack of vision when it comes to historic buildings, most of the new architecture… maybe my issues are with developers. 🤔I digress. When it comes to the public art, that’s the department where the city truly shines. Between the large scale art installations (like the Talus dome) we also have Rust Magic. Last summer this 1988 Plymouth Caravelle popped up in the Brewery District and I was naturally stoked. That’s when I had my first glimpse of Carbon Copy Edmonton Brewery District. It looks dope all while expounding a thoughtful commentary on the car culture surrounding the city of Edmonton. AKA we rely very heavily on vehicles and have made very slow progress changing that…. especially with the continuing urban sprawl. Oh and here’s a cute outfit next to it.


WINNERS gold hoop earrings (similar here
VINTAGE hawaiian dress
THRIFTED woven bag (similar here & here)
ZARA  platform heels – c/o (similar here)
JIN SOON Aero Polish – c/o
BUXOM Va-Va-PLUMP Shiny Liquid Lipstick in Heat Wave – c/o

Carbon Copy Edmonton Brewery District 

Sooooo I guess what I’m trying to say here is, everyone should be looking into the public art around their city. In fact, I heavily encourage self directed art walks. It’s a fantastic way to experience a hometown and see it with new eyes. Plus, it’s a free way to take in art… especially if you hate the building art is housed in within your city. (Hello AGA, the glorified event space). Thanks so much for popping by!

photographs – Jesse Sand

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