Dine & Showtime at The Rec Room

One of my favourite date night plans is hitting up The Rec Room. Not only do they have some of my favourite games (pinball, bowling, throwing balls at fuzzy clowns 🤡 etc) there is also a few great restaurant options there too. It’s my one stop shop for a truly great time. If that wasn’t great enough, they’ve levelled up their date night outings with this fun offer. From now until August 29th, the Dine & Showtime at The Rec Room gives you two free movie tickets when you spend $55 at the Three10 Restaurant. And we all know, dinner and a movie is the classic date night experience one can never go wrong with! But time is of the essence before this offer is over! Keep scrolling to check out all the delicious things we ate. 🍽

What We Ate

Three10 has several vegetarian and plant based options that are super tasty. We tried out the Edamame Hummus, Crispy Green Beans (gah, they were so ridiculously good!!! AND might I add, drizzled with spicy vegan mayo!), Super Greens Pizza, a Roasted Beet & Ricotta salad, and my personal favourite: the Kale Pesto Noodle Bowl. 😍 Who knew ramen noodles with pesto could be such a great combination??? Check out the full Three10 Menu here.

Dine & Showtime at The Rec Room

This offer comes at such a great time since there are so many movies on my to-see list. Once Upon a Time In… HollywoodToy Story 4, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (based on the books that scared the living daylight out of me as a child!) Those are just a few I’m planning on checking out but not before I stop in for the Dine & Showtime at The Rec Room! For more information on this rad deal, check out The Rec Room site. 

This post is sponsored by The Rec Room. All opinions on this blog are my own.


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