Harrison Hot Springs Travel Guide

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Fraser Valley without a stop in the Harrison area. After flying into Abbotsford courtesy of Swoop (see my Abbotsford BC Travel Guide) we took the scenic ride to Harrison Mills and then Harrison Hot Springs. Our drive was peppered with some thrift stops and a lot of gorgeous scenery thanks to the Harrison River. Food was eaten, nature was enjoyed, and sights were seen. With that said, keep scrolling for my Harrison Hot Springs Travel Guide.


Between Harrison Mills and Harrison Hot Springs, there’s no shortage of food options. From sushi, to pubs, to a full on fine dining with a live band and dance floor experience… the fare was most agreeable. Here are a few of the places I had the pleasure dining at.


The Clubhouse (Harrison Mills)

While staying at Rowena’s Inn on the River (more on that later) in Harrison Mills, we dined at The Clubhouse on the golf course. It overlooks the course as well as the Harrison River, a view that cannot be beat. And the breakfast was delightful – any type of Mexican option is always a yes for me. 

Muddy Waters Cafe (Harrison Hot Springs)

Breakfast burritos!!!! Need I say more? Well yes, yes I do. Here’s another breakfast option that’s right on the water. The Muddy Waters Cafe is located across the street from the lake in Harrison Hot springs. It’s a cozy cafe that has ample seating and a delightful London Fog. A drink that I enjoyed so much that I drank it all before realizing I should have photographed it. Whoops. Their nachos are pretty dope too.


Rocky Mountain Chocolate (Harrison Hot Springs)

I am not one to say no to chocolate. Ever. And in Harrison Hot Springs, you can get chocolate Sasquatch feet at Rocky Mountain Chocolate. So obviously I did and it was epic. 10/10 would recommend. 


Morgan’s Bistro (Harrison Hot Springs)

First of all, the view of the lake is epic. It also didn’t hurt that we stayed in the hotel directly above this fine establishment so the commute was more than manageable. There were several vegetarian options (fried eggplant / tomato bisque soup / a fresh salad) so we were well covered on that front.

The Copper Room (Harrison Hot Springs)

In all honesty, the vegetarian options were very sparse at the old Copper Room. And what was available was absurdly dairy heavy (hello 5 cheese ravioli in a cheese sauce?) But what it lacked in veggie fare, it made up for in entertainment. This should probably be in the to-do section… but I make the rules around here! I would recommend this evening for anyone who enjoys people watching and cover bands. And that my friends, is me. 


Rowena’s Inn on the River (Harrison Mills)

Driving up to Rowena’s encapsulates the image I have whenever I longingly think about visiting the PNW. It was a misty day with the smell of wet cedar hanging in the air. The tall trees dwarfed our car by comparison but the drive down the long elegant road to the inn was verdant and inviting. It was both a place of enchanting beauty of a romantic comedy but also maybe the start of an episode of the X Files. Both of which I adore deeply. We slept in a log cabin with a wood burning fireplace and woke up to the birds singing in a blossoming tree right outside our window. IT WAS TOO PERFECT! Not to mention a Hallmark movie was being filmed on location while we were there!

Harrison Beach Hotel (Harrison Hot Springs)

First things first…. THE VIEW! There is nothing quite like watching a sunset over a body of water. The Harrison Beach Hotel has a front row seat to one of the most spectacular views in Harrison Hot Springs. In addition to the spectacular view, the location could not be any better. The hotel was right smack dab in the middle of all the local hot spots (hiking trails, restaurants, the actual hot springs!) We parked our car and didn’t use it again until we had to drive back to the airport. 


While we were only there for a few short days, we managed to pack in quite a few excursions. My favourite of them were quite simple and most likely obvious for the area….. but here they are!

Sasquatch Museum + Statues (Harrison Hot Springs)

The visitor centre in Harrison Hot Springs has a sasquatch museum in the back and it is totally worth popping by. First of all, the price is right – it’s free. There’s the classic film of the female sasquatch wandering through the bushes and if that’s not enough to pique interest, there’s also some great information on the history of the sasquatch and how it relates to the area. Who doesn’t want to find out about the place they’re visiting? 

The Harrison Hot Springs Pool

It’s in the name of the town so naturally it’s an attraction that one should visit while in town. The public pool is a chill indoor space with a massive picture window overlooking the lake. It was quaint and dreamy – a location you would see on Accidentally Wes Anderson for sure. I love hanging out at any type of hot spring, they’re just so dang relaxing. 

Sandy Cove Whippoorwill Point Hike (Harrison Hot Springs)

The Sandy Cove Whippoorwill Trail is a 4km hike is a nice loop trail that goes along the Harrison River that leads to the lake. I say easy but the beginning of the trail is somewhat intimidating as it’s quite uphill for a little bit. I am by no means a serious hiker and I was able to do it with improper footwear so there’s that. At the point where the river meets the lake, there’s a nice little bench to take a rest on so pack a snack and savour it there. 

The Hot Springs Source (Harrison Hot Springs)

If a hike is a little too intimidating, take a leisurely walk to the Harrison Hot Springs source. It’s an easy walking path that’s more like a gravel/dirt road. Watch the steam rise out behind the breeze blocks and breath in the sulphury goodness! (Check out the embedded Google Map for directions)

Just Go Walking

No matter where I visit, I always make a point of walking. It’s a great way to check out the area and find things that aren’t necessarily on tour guides. Even the time of day can change what you notice…. like the lighting from this motel really called me while we walked home from our dinner. And Harrison is a very enjoyable town to walk whether it be following the river in town or strolling along the beach. Just go walking!

Harrison Hot Springs Travel Guide

That concludes my Harrison Hot Springs Travel Guide! If you enjoyed the accompanying vlog, feel free to check out my YouTube channel. For more city guides, check out the Travel Section of my blog. 🙂 

Photographs – Jesse Sand + Sandy Karpetz

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Many thanks to Swoop Airlines & Harrison Tourism for arranging this amazing trip!