The Clarendon Hotel Phoenix Arizona

Just slightly north of the downtown core, The Clarendon Hotel is nestled away in a quiet neighbourhood. It’s the perfect spot to step back in time all while enjoying modern amenities and design. I was originally drawn to its midcentury vibe only to discover it was actually built in 1972! That might explain the artful use of mirrors vertically throughout the stone facade. A little further research and I discovered that a journalist by the name of Don Bolles was murdered outside the hotel when a bomb was placed under his car in June of 1976. One of my favourite attributes a hotel can possess is the intrigue of having a rich history, just like the Hotel Congress in Tucson. I swear these hotels find me! Anyway, I very much enjoyed staying at the Clarendon Hotel Phoenix Arizona, and here’s why:

Breakfast at Tranquilo

Question: What’s better than a hotel with a restaurant attached to it? Answer: A GOOD restaurant that serves Mexican food. And that’s exactly what Tranquilos is. The horchatas are perfection, the service was amazing, and the menu was super flexible for dietary options (hello vegetarian choices!). If that wasn’t enough, we even saw Aquaman dining one morning. 

Unlimited Snacks

If you’re aren’t sated from the delicious menu of Tranquilos, not to worry! The Clarendon Hotel offers a wide variety of complementary snacks from the concierge desk. I can confirm that I was a regular visitor of this endless candy counter. Any offer of a peanut butter cup and I’m there. 

Location, Location, Location!

The location of accommodations directly affects what kind of trip you will have. If the hotel is far from everything, the trip will be spent commuting to the places you want to be. Fortunately, The Clarendon Hotel Phoenix Arizona is, dare I say, the perfect location. Keeping a mindful distance from the downtown core where parking can be a real nuisance, especially during the event of a cattle convention (true story.) Not only is there covered parking for the hotel (which turns out is pretty important in the desert heat) but also ample street parking as well. In addition to that, it’s quick and easy to get to a number of notable spots within Phoenix. 

The Suite Life

Any hotel suite that comes with a full closet, a fridge, and a sitting area is alright with me. The Clarendon goes one step further by having their suites situated all around the courtyard pool, and that is a true delight. I love being close to the water! Aside from that, another feature I was stoked on was all the storage space for my toiletries. I know this sounds like a minor detail but as a person who travels with a few many products, it’s nice to have somewhere to put them that isn’t in the way. 


Speaking of the few many products I travelled with… here’s a couple things on the shelves that I particularly love:

EVA NYC clean it up shampoo / soften it up conditioner – c/o
BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Miceller – c/o

NARS afterglow lip balm in orgasm – c/o
GLOSSIER haloscope in quartz – c/o
NUDE BY NATURE moisture shine lipstick 05 pale coral – c/o

SKINCEUTICALS Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF50 – c/o
SKINCEUTICALS C E Ferulic Combination Antioxidant Treatment – c/o
ESSIE nail polishes – c/o

THE WITCHERY cedar oil – c/o
KIEHL’S midnight recovery concentrate – c/o
IMAGE SKINCARE the max stem cell creme – c/o

SAJE exotic deodorant spray
OUAI hair oil – c/o (this is one of the few things from the line that I like the smell of)
SHEA MOISTURE 100% pure shea oil – c/o
IMAGE SKINCARE the max stem cell facial cleanser – c/o

The Outdoor Amenities

Duuuuuuuuuuuude. As I mentioned before, the courtyard pool is one of the dreamiest features of the Clarendon. After a day exploring the city, coming back to luxuriate in the hot tub was the best. There was always the option to make a visit to the rooftop deck with a view of downtown Phoenix instead. I would recommend both at least once. 🙂

The Clarendon Hotel Phoenix Arizona

And that is the Clarendon Hotel Phoenix Arizona! As a person who visits the state at least once a year, I love continuing to discover new spots to share. For more Arizona related content check out my posts here. And for more travel in general, peep my travel section.

photographs – Jesse Sand + Sandy Joe Karpetz

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