The Thrifted Corn Dress

The thrifted corn dress, where do I begin? Discovering this dress on an overstuffed rack of meh-ness was like finding a unicorn in the doldrums. First of all, the pattern spoke to me in such a deep way. That colour of green reminded me of shag carpet from the 60s – which is a selling point to me. After closer inspection I realized that the pattern featured giant husks of corn. Despite all these positive points, the actual shape of the dress was concerning. It looks like a potato sack a few inches too long for my height. Irregardless, I still took a chance. Let this be a lesson to everyone: never prejudge the shape of a dress before you try it on. This fact has rang true in my decades long thrift experience. Belts can do wonders to change the look of a garment!



WINNERS gold hoop earrings (similar here
ALDO  agrerasen sunglasses – c/o (similar here)
THRIFTED  dress 
VINTAGE woven bag (similar here & here)
THRIFTED  leather belt 
ZARA  platform heels – c/o (similar here)

The Thrifted Corn Dress

Ugh. Isn’t thrifting just the best? I truly cannot get enough of it. For those interested in more thrifting/fashion related content, check out my style section on my blog. And feel free to leave me your best thrift finds – I always get a buzz while living vicariously through fellow thrifters tales!

photographs – Jesse Sand

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