Back to School Thrifting

While my schooling days have long since been completed, I still love a good Back to School Thrifting session when autumn rolls around. I’m a firm believer that one does not need to attend school to achieve a studious look! And for those who are actually heading back, thrifting is definitely the way to go. It’s the best way to find unique pieces for reasonable prices all while reducing carbon footprints. If those aren’t reason enough, maybe this (nearly) monochrome look may inspire you! It’s a creation from my weekly trips to Value Village – my favourite place to thrift. Whether it’s a new tiki mug or a scarf to tie around my purse straps, I never leave empty handed. As an experienced thrifter, I have a few tips for adding some vintage flare to your back to school shopping.

Say Yes to Berets

What says back to school more than a beret? I have found so many, I nearly have a colour wheel of berets including this wool pinkie one. They’re so easy to style and go with just about everything. Bonus if you match the beret with your entire outfit like I decided to do. It’s a bold statement but it’s channeling my inner Cher Horowitz from Clueless. Add a dash of the Funny Face THINK PINK song and you’re on your way to a very referential lewk.

Brooch It

For anyone dipping a toe into thrifting, I suggest hitting the jewelry and accessory sections first. While the volume of items in that area is substantial, it’s also a lot less overwhelming than the racks of clothing. Plus, jewelry is easier to incorporate into your already existing wardrobe. My favourite accessory to mix and match are pins and buttons. I love collecting my initials, cameo pins, and ones with funny sayings then pinning a group of them onto my jackets. It’s a great way to personalize a denim jacket or add a little interest to an all pink dress. Yes, that collar just needed a little something extra and the polar bear fit the bill!

A Classic Backpack

A backpack is a back to school staple. In fact, it’s just a practical bag for life in general. Can you guess the best place to find unique and rad vintage ones? If you guessed thrifting at Value Village, you’d be correct. I scooped up this 90s teddy bear backpack as soon as I saw it. (TIP: always grab things you’re interested in because they might not be there when you come back!) It really added a pop to the otherwise monochromatic look while giving me even more Clueless-esque accessory points.

Playing With Colour

While basics are great to have in any functional wardrobe, I do love finding outlandish 60s pieces that jump out. Things the colour of candy or patterns that look like a grandmother’s couch. Playing dress up is a great way to meet new people – trust me on this one. The people who come up and compliment your outfit could be your next best friend. Walking around my neighbourhood in this look I made a few elderly women smile but also chatted with a girl about her dog after she praised my pink lewk. A bold look is a great litmus test for like-minded people, that’s for sure.

Back to School Thrifting

I hope this served as some inspiration when second-hand shopping for back to school clothes! One of my favourite times of year to thrift is right now. There’s so much dreamy wool to layer and tartans to be mismatched. It’s a maximalist power clasher’s dream and I cannot wait to share some more of my fall outfits I’ve thrifted from Value Village! If you’re a fellow thrifter, I would love to hear what your favourite find has been so far!

Photographs – Jesse Sand

This post is sponsored by Value Village. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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