Queen Street West

Fall has arrived abruptly as per usual. Will I be posting summer-ish looks well into the fall? Yes, yes I will. Half of the time I’m sneaking away to Arizona anyway so why adhere to weather? Dress for the weather you want is what I always say! This coming from a woman who’s had the first stages of frostbite on her feet may not be a vote of confidence though. 

With the first frosting on the grass and a golden tinge to the leaves, I always reach for this mohair magic mustard coat. And after many mendings to the lining and hem over the years, I hope it will continue to be a closet staple for several more years to come. It’s the best. It compliments my blue eyes (my opinion) and it’s so dang 60s chic, I love it to shreds. That might be a literal statement if I continue to wear it so regularly. Here is my latest MMCOOTD (Mustard Mohair Coat Outfit of The Day) dressed for a Queen Street Edge.

The Mustard Mohair Coat

I’ve written more than one love letter to this particular coat. Curious how else I wore it? Perhaps styled with a rusty ultrasuede dress at COPS Doughnuts Toronto. Or perhaps a self titled post like The Mustard Mohair Coat? I think it really showed it’s true glory styled with a plaid shirt in Hyde Park though. That and the million other times it appeared on my Instagram feed such as here and here.


RAYBAN aviator sunglasses
VINTAGE mustard mohair coat 
THRIFTED  blanket vest
UNKNOWN old turtleneck, not sure where it’s from 🤔
mile high super skinny denim 
FENDI vintage bag – thrifted (similar here)
MATISSE caty boot – c/o 

Queen Street West

Now that we’ve established that this coat is my everything… I’d like to make mention that this outfit is 1/2 thrifted and 1/2 not. I say this because mixing old with new has always been a major component to my style. Mixing old and new doesn’t have to look like you’re stepping out of a time capsule; although I do enjoy dressing like that too! I’m always championing thrift over new and I hope this serves as some inspiration on that. And perhaps maybe even serve as an example of how a really special piece can be worn year after year and still look fresh because of its interesting cut, lush fabric, and unique shape. Buy for love AND longevity. 

As always, thanks for stopping by!

photographs – CC Ruth

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