Thrifted Halloween Costumes

Unlike some people, I am always a last minute shopper when it comes to Halloween. Whether I’m Lucy from Peanuts, Nancy Drew, or any number of characters from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the outfits come together on the 11th hour. If this seems stress inducing, I promise it’s not. Especially when my thrifted Halloween costumes are bought from Value Village. My best looks are always thrifted after all. They’re always one-of-a-kind and end up being some of my favourite pieces in my normal wardrobe. This year I was feeling inspired by music and decided to create three easy Halloween looks based on different genres. All three looks include pieces that I see time and time again when I’m on my usual thrifting hunt at Value Village.


Square dancing outfits are ripe with possibilities. They also appear in the dress racks on a semi regular basis; my collection of square dancing frocks is a testament to this. Have I ever square danced in my life? No, but that’s beside the point. Whether you’re a fan of Kacey Musgraves or a true blue Dolly Parton fan, picking the country & western music genre is an easy and fun way to dress up for Halloween. Plus the cowboy boots are a staple for any closet! Can’t find a square dancing dress? No problem! When it comes to this costume, it’s the accessories that truly make it! 


  • cowboy boots
  • cowboy hat
  • bandana
  • western style belt


Channel the ghost of Studio 54 into a disco inspired costume. Disco may have had a short run as a popular musical genre but the clothing was without a doubt fabulous. It’s all about being the shiniest haze of glitter. I was overjoyed to find this silver lamé romper while thrifting and it inspired the entire look. Lamé anything is disco incarnate. Achieving this look requires finding items that remind you of a disco ball. It’s very simple! And add a platform heel for some 70s authenticity.


  • silver or gold everything
  • rhinestones galore
  • platform shoes 
  • statement earrings


Now this particular costume is all about revisiting my old roots. As a teenager, I dabbled in this look as my everyday wear. Fortunately my sartorial choices have matured (somewhat) and I’m able to deem this as a “costume” now. Value Village is a treasure trove for old band t shirts and plaid skirts which is truly the staple of this look. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, cutting the sleeves off a jean jacket and spraying bleach all over it will give this costume a genuine punk detail. And what’s a punk costume without a little DIY magic? The whole genre is based on that aesthetic! Also a few artfully placed safety pins are always a good idea.


  • PLAID!
  • What’s a punk without some studs?
  • distressed + bleached denim
  • motorcycle or doc boots
  • a band t shirt

Thrifted Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time to enable our inner child and what better way to do so than dressing up as your favourite musical genre? Whether it be a groovy garage rock foxy lady from the 60s or a teeny bopper pop princess from the 80s, your imagination is the limit! And when it comes to searching for the essential pieces, thrifted Halloween costumes are easy to put together when you shop at Value Village! It’s the best place to find one-of-a-kind pieces that will make for a show stopping costume. I think these outfits speak for themselves. 😎

Photographs – Jesse Sand

This post is sponsored by Value Village. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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