A Jumpsuit in the Arizona Desert

It should come as no surprise that while I was staying in a tiki bus at The Shady Dell, I had to take advantage of the scenery. It’s not often that I’m surrounded by a collection of exquisite specimens of antique trailers. Bisbee, Arizona really lends itself to western wear infused outfits. I thrifted this jumpsuit in Casa Grande and it became a staple on my trip. It’s not hard to imagine why a jumpsuit in the Arizona desert is a great choice. It’s roomy enough to not overheat during the day, yet long enough to provide coverage in the cooler evenings. I for one prefer to wear a loose long sleeved something during the day in the AZ sun. It protects me from the harsh rays of the soleil. My go-to is usually a army surplus camo jacket. (For reference check out Road to Nowhere or The Saguaro Park)


BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD black hat – c/o (similar here)
ALDO gemstone sunglasses c/o (similar here)
ALDO rearka earrings – c/o 
THRIFTED  striped jumpsuit
THRIFTED  white western belt
VINTAGE  woven handbag
ALDO  drerissa boots – c/o 

A Western Elton John

The more I look at these photos, the more I get a western Elton John vibe. Perhaps it is the sunglasses! With that said, I do share a birthday with Elton John, so the correlation makes even more sense. When wearing a jumpsuit in the Arizona desert, it’s impossible for me to not add a touch of western flare to it too. Now I can’t wait to go back to AZ. 

photographs – Jesse Sand

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