My Home Tour

The time has come my friends, my home tour has arrived! After a few arduous years of renovating s l o w l y, my space was completed. This 70s disco den is located in the Oliver neighbourhood of Edmonton, AB. The Hyde Park is one of the first high rise condos in Western Canada, it even had a doorman with it first opened! I love the brutalist facade of the tower! My unit was a great place to hang my hat for a couple of years regardless of how terrible it was to live in an active construction zone. Watch the video for the complete tour and keep scrolling for photos of each room!


My living / dining room area is one giant space, a big ol’ rectangle with a built in bookcase and a bar around the corner. The best part about older condos is the sheer amount of SPACE. They did not economize when it came to room size that’s for sure. In the dining room area I have a large Oliver Apartment central table (check out My Oliver Apartment Dining Room Reveal post for a full breakdown) and vintage Herman Miller chairs. I also have a collection of brass candlesticks (I’ve been slowly thrifting) with Ester + Eric multicoloured candles in them. I love the way they look! The living room is a mix of vintage and IKEA.

Pieces of Note

My Ester + Erik candle story


No 70s condo would be complete without a built in bar! I’ve used it…. a handful of occasions. Like the time I madeย The Best Spicy Caesar for the 50th Anniversary of the caesar. That was a wild time. Most of the furniture in this area is built in (the bench/the bar) but the barstools actually came with the condo when I purchased it. As did the mirrored bar shelving. That’s where I keep some of my tiki mugs! There’s really not much else to say about this area.


Remember that time I didn’t take full photos of the kitchen? Yes… me too. I probably should have checked up on that before I sold it. Oops! Next time I’ll do better. Just imagine an IKEA kitchen because this is 100% what this is. The appliances I bought at Costco though because there’s some H O T deals to be had there.

Some things I love


This is where the *magic* happens. By magic I mean me hanging out in my pjs with my beverage center (water/tea/smoothie) editing photos I took months prior because I am NOT ON THE BALL despite my best intentions. Well that feels good to get off my chest! I intended on hanging some pennants on the walls but never got around to it. Better luck next time!

Pieces of Note


As a fashion blogger and long time vintage hoarder, it only made sense to make the second bedroom a closet. One of the previous owners was a seamstress so the room was already one full wall of closet. It’s as if this condo was just waiting for me to come live in it! Between the shelves and racks, I had a good storage system going on. Aside from the wall of closets, (my version of the wall of sound ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I have very little furniture in the room. I do, however, have my clothing arranged in a colour gradient and that’s much better than any furniture. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Pieces of Note

  • a single chair from Find a local not-for-profit furniture store
  • a plant from IKEA
  • plant pot from Winners / Homesense
  • Ceramic dog c/o my mom


Originally I was going to make two posts for the two seperate bathrooms but alas, I forget to take photos of the en suite! I’m basically the most professional blogger of all time. With that said, next time I will do better. In the meantime, please enjoy my top shelfie favourite products of all time ๐Ÿ™‚

Pieces of Note


In the spring, I shared My Bedroom Reveal. It’s basically a large emptyish room with the exception of my bed, a chair, and a large mirror. You can find the full details from the linked post. ๐Ÿ™‚

My Home Tour

That concludes the tour of my three bedroom / two bath condo in Edmonton, Alberta. As per the “surprise” ending of my video, I have moved! This only means that there will be more home related content coming up. This condo was renovated by my dad and I so I will be sure to put together a before/after of the space (once I find the before photos wherever I hid them on my computers). Want more home content in the meantime? Check out my last condo in the John Deere Lofts. If you enjoyed my home tour vlog, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like that.ย 

Photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz

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