Thrifted Winter Coats

The snow always arrives sooner than I’m prepared for it. The first sight of snow is always wondrous and magical… until I realize the consequences. Now the season of layering clothing begins! Instead of settling for a black parka, I have made it my personal mission to approach winter with COLOUR and PATTERNS! Thrifted winter coats can be a real feast for one’s eyes. With the immense selection of winter coats (all year round!) at Value Village, I have built up a wardrobe of show stopping coats at an affordable price. Here are three of my absolute favourites that I’ve scored at Value Village over the years.


What this coat lacks in warmth, it makes up for in layering capabilities. Since it’s so oversized, I can load up on layers underneath. I love wearing plain basics with this coat as it allows the loud print to be the focal point. It’s also United Colors of Benetton which is a label I was thrilled to find while thrifting! Just goes to show, you never know what treasures can be uncovered in the coat section of Value Village! 


The thrill I felt when I found this classic Hudson’s Bay coat at a Value Village during a 50% off sale is indescribable. It was a true “start the car moment” if I’ve ever had one. Not only is the blanket coat an iconic piece, but the actual cut of it is PERFECTION for me. I love that it’s a wrap and has a detachable hood. Since this is akin to wearing a blanket, it’s perfect for brisk Canadian winters. 


On of my winter mantras goes a little something like this: the longer, the better. Would I have bought this jacket even if it hadn’t been a duster? Absolutely. Am I stoked that it just happened to be the perfect combination of length and loud pattern? Most certainly. With the windchill lowering temperatures, I love having leg coverage. It’s a bonus that this specific leg coverage just happens to be made of the coolest fabric known to humankind. Every time I wear this jacket out, people stop me in the streets to compliment it. When you find such a distinct piece when thrifting at Value Village, it must be bought. Since this coat is also very eye catching, I love pairing it with subdued separates. 

Thrifted Winter Coats

With all that said, I truly think that thrifted winter coats are a great way to have unique style during the colder months. Expressing personal style while reducing my carbon footprint is a win/win in my books. Because of that, I will continue to make Value Village my first stop when looking for winter outerwear. 

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This post is sponsored by Value Village. All opinions on this blog are my own.


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