What to Wear to Yellowstone in Fall

It’s still summer-y weather we said. We don’t need gloves because we’re going south we said. DAMN IT’S KIND OF COLD we said when we finally arrived in the mountainous Yellowstone. Let my mistakes be your guide as to what to wear to Yellowstone in Fall! I did pack a few smart pieces, but overall there were many blind spots. In addition to that, here’s my tips on what 10 Things to Bring on Your Next Road Trip. I even discuss “weather appropriate clothing” in it. I can’t always listen to my best advice I suppose. 


Depending on where in the park you are, the elevation differs greatly. It could be raining in one spot and then snowing giant fluffy flakes at the Artist Point (see below). What I cannot stress enough is BRING A RAIN JACKET! I was so thrilled to have packed my handy dandy Burton jacket. (As seen previously in my Rainy Days with Burton post) Not only did it serve to break the wind, I also stayed a lot dryer had I just worn my puffer. The thing about Yellowstone is that it’s home to one of the largest population of thermal features. That’s A LOT of moisture in the air regardless of the time of year. Umbrellas are pretty dope too but can be a nuisance when navigating the narrow paths with other tourist traffic. From what I can gather, there is no time of year when Yellowstone isn’t busy.


LULULEMON black hat – c/o  (similar here)
BURTON rain jacket c/o (similar here)
LULULEMON  align leggings – c/o (my FAVOURITE leggings)
LULULEMON  light speed socks (I bought this a year ago and I love that they don’t slip down into my shoes!)
ALLBIRDS  tree runners – c/o


K WAY rain jacket – thrifted
LULULEMON   joggers – c/o
LA SPORTIVA wildcat trail runners


Fortunately, we did bring puffer jackets a la Lululemon, but we didn’t even consider bringing winter accessories. Big Mistake. HUGE. If I could do it over again I would have also included on this list:

  • winter boots and warmer socks!
  • a toque!!! Who doesn’t bring a toque?! (me, that’s who)
  • some sort of a neck warmer / scarf
  • MITTENS!!!!!! my hands were cold and chapped the whole time

LULULEMON navigation down jacket – c/o
LULULEMON   joggers – c/o
LULULEMON Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve 2.0 – c/o
LA SPORTIVA  wildcat trail runners 


LULULEMON black hat – c/o  (similar here)
QUAY high key sunglasses c/o (similar here)
LULULEMON crop top c/o (this specific one is sold out, but here’s a very similar one)
LULULEMON  align leggings – c/o 
LULULEMON  puffer jacket – c/o (this one is many years old but here’s a similar style)
ALLBIRDS  tree runners – c/o


It is possible the sun may make an appearance. Because of that, I suggest a pair of sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and…. a bathing suit. You may be saying “but Sandy, it’s autumn…. who needs a bathing suit!?” and the answer is me. One of my biggest regrets from the trip was not factoring in enough time to visit the Boiling River. By the North Entrance of the park in between Gardiner and Mammoth is a natural hot spring on the river. It has a parking lot and a path to it, but aside from that it appeared mostly undeveloped. I love a proper natural hot spring moment!!!

What to Wear to Yellowstone in Fall

The last thing I want to implore anyone to take on a road trip is a PowerStation Xtreme Boost Lithium battery. What is that you’re wondering? It’s a tiny phone sized battery that has attachments to jump a car. So if you’re on a lonely road, you need not wait for some stranger to possibly help you. We accidentally killed our battery one day and this came in handy! It’s good for at least 2 jumps before it needs another charging and can also charge your phone in a pinch! I bought mine at Costco.

And that’s the that on that! More Yellowstone posts are forthcoming if you’re curious about where we went, what we ate, and where we stayed. Spoiler alert: we stayed at the Round Up and it was a 60s neon dream. The neon sign was probably the best part of it. I digress, thanks so much for stopping by! If you want more travel related posts, check out my On The Road section or my YouTube Channel. 🙂

photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz / Jesse Sand

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