Thrifted Holiday Decor

I’ve never been the type of person with a “perfect” tree filled with matching decorations. Whenever I think about Christmas decorating, antiques are my inspiration. Whether it’s a Santa candle or a classic bulb, there’s something about vintage items that make the holidays feel more authentic. I love preserving memories and creating layers of intrigue when decorating; that’s why I love thrifted holiday decor so much. There’s always something unique to be found! The idea of items having a history before I even take them home brings me great joy. It’s as if they’ve lived a whole other life and my house is the next chapter in their story. This year I poked around Value Village to find truly stellar items. Since I’m in the process of moving (the weekend before Christmas!) I’ll be forgoing the tree this year. However, I’ll make up for it with other fun pieces.

All About the Brass

For those of us who are tree-less, a tablescape is a nice way to add holiday decor to the home. I always start mine by sourcing brass candle holders and figurines. There always seems to be an abundance of brass whenever I visit a Value Village. I pick it all up, quietly thank the person who donated it, and make elaborate candle displays on tables, fireplaces, and bookshelves with them. If brass isn’t your aesthetic, I would suggest crystal or silver candle holders. The more mismatching and size differences, the better, in my opinion. It’s what helps to create the whimsical flow and feast for the eyes. In addition to looking amazing during the holidays, the candle holders can be utilized all year round. All of them aside from the bugle and poinsettia shaped holders of course. This year I even found brass stocking hooks! 🎄

Add Shapes

If you’re another like me, more is more. Maximalism is a way of life. I cannot buy brass candle holders and just stop there. Goodness no. It could always use something else! A mini bushel of wheat, a ceramic Santa statue covered in silver foil, or glitter acorns! Those are just a few of the extra little things that all seem innocuous on their own, but help to create a larger decor story. They complete the candle story and turn it into a riveting novel (in my opinion, of course.)

Mood Lighting

One of the easiest things to find for thrifted holiday decor is lighting. I am always so overwhelmed with the amount of lighting options when thrifting at Value Village. For instance, this year I scored big time between my Santa shaped candles (an acquired taste, I know) and the 60s glass block filled with xmas lights! I find candles shaped as other things to be incredibly charming. The golden evergreen tree candles I was thrilled to have found hiding out back in the candle section at Value Village. Here is a rule of thumb that I live by: anything lit with twinkle lights or candles gives off a cozy holiday feels. 

Thrifted Holiday Decor

With all that said, thrifted holiday decor is a great way to infuse creativity into your home without breaking the bank. The holiday season is a time of over consumption in many ways. So by reusing donated items from Value Village we are consequently reducing our carbon footprint all while creating a memorable holiday atmosphere in our homes. My one final tip to those holiday bakers out there, thrifting your tins for your cookies and sweets is both a much nicer way to present your delicious treats to hosts but also a great way to recycle too! Lastly, if anyone else has any holiday tips for thrifting, I would LOVE to hear them!

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This post is sponsored by Value Village. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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