Neon Bridge

These photos look rad but taking them was an awful experience. Most winter photoshoots are absolute torture; this one was no exception. The neon bridge looks dope but there was nothing blocking the wind. I didn’t wear gloves because they “didn’t go with the outfit.” Absolute foolishness. Parking was a fair distance away but walking from my place was out of the question. I’m not writing these things to complain about my job, but rather to shed light on the fact that I often put myself in uncomfortable positions to create things I think are cool. There’s a story behind every photoshoot, most of the time it includes getting leered at by men in the summertime or freezing my fingers in the winter. As well as the wardrobe malfunctions in-between. If you made through this ramble, keep scrolling for some, in my opinion, cool shots.


BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD black hat – c/o (similar here)
THRIFTED  London Fog coat
UNKNOWN  black turtleneck (I’ve had it for years but I also ripped the tag out because it was itchy)
LEVIS  mile high skinny jeans I bought at Aritzia 
ALDO  silver boots (last season) – c/o 



Neon Bridge

So maybe those photos were worth it? It took me a year to actually post them on my blog because I was so irritated with how cold I was that I couldn’t even look at them to edit. I guess after a year of sitting on them my anger has subsided enough to share them. Truthfully, I shoot many things that never see the light of day due to my own fragile emotional states. But it’s my goal in 2020 to finally get through the backlog. With that said, thanks so much for joining me on this style/travel journey. I hope I provide some help with vacation planning, outfit inspiration, or home decor idea – anything of value! For more outfit related posts, check out my style section or peep my last cold weather outfit in my Edmonton Ice Castle post. 

photographs – Jesse Sand