Spokane WA City Guide

Spokane has always been a town that has popped up now and again in my timeline as I grew up. Whether it was a stop on a road trip to take a peek into the White Elephant, a High School arranged field trip to run Bloomsday, or simply an excellent TV station (KREM!) we were able to pick up in Canada, Spokane is a city I have always thought of fondly. Recently, I was able to revisit the city as an adult and could not have been more thrilled with what I discovered. Here is my Spokane WA City Guide.



The thing that first attracted me to Bruncheonette was their menus inclusivity. There are vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options in addition to standard fare. Whatever you do, be sure to order a side of tater tots.

Cochinito Taqueria

I’m forever and always on the hunt for tacos. Cochinito Taqueria was two blocks from the Davenport and actually had vegetarian options! It turned out to be one of my favourite meals on the trip! Their horchatas are perfection and the mushroom tacos were so flavourful.


I cannot recommend Mizuna enough. They had a completely separate vegetarian dinner menu which I’ve never seen in a typical restaurant. Usually the vegetarian options are bland veggie burgers or salads. Not Mizuna! Their options were innovative and decadently delicious. A couple highlights were the Cashew Crusted Seared Avocado and Crispy Gorgonzola Polenta.

Ladder Coffee 

Ladder Coffee serves their hand roasted small batch beans in every conceivable way possible. It smells great. While I’m not a coffee drinker, I do appreciate a finely brewed warm beverage of other sorts. I went for a chai latte and Avocado Chili Lime Toast which I can confirm is delightful.

Method Juice Cafe

I’m a lover of smoothies. When I travel, it’s the one thing I miss about being home. Fortunately places like Method Juice Cafe sate that longing with their delicious smoothies and juices. The Foundation and Integral smoothies were absolutely divine.


The Historic Davenport Hotel

My favourite places to stay will always and forever be the hotels ripe with history. The Historic Davenport Hotel is an exceptional specimen of this! Not only is the original details of the building been lovingly preserved, they’ve injected it with just enough modern day amenities to satisfy any guest. Bonus: it’s walking distance from everything!



It would be an absolute crime to visit Spokane and not stop by Spokandy. Doubly so if you’re a lover of sweets. Their selection of chocolates and confections are vast. They’ve been a local institution since 1913! That’s over a hundred years to perfect their recipes. My personal favourite was the Solid Dark Minted Chocolate bars.

The Lookout

If you’re looking to take home a little piece of Spokane, then popping by The Lookout is essential. The shop features local Spokane makers as well as other small businesses from across the US and Canada.

Fern Plant Shop

Though I was unable to bring any plants home with me across the border, the Fern Plant Shop was a feast for my eyes. The whole space is sun-filled and verdant, not to mention smells absolutely incredible.

The White Elephant

The thrill of the White Elephant store is that you truly never know what will be there! It’s a toy-meets-outdoor-sporting-goods store and a paradise for someone like me who loves to browse. Plus the outside murals and vintage signage speaks to me in a way I can’t begin to describe.

Kendall Yards Night Market

The Kendall Yards Night Market was on my to-do list when I visited but we unfortunately missed it. I’ve included it on my list because I believe it to be a great local market. Check it out every Wednesday from 5-9pm May through September.


Riverfront Park

One cannot visit Spokane and miss the Riverfront Park. Firstly, it’s such a centerpiece for downtown as it skirts the river’s edge. It’s a stunning park to walk; there’s countless activities and public art to check out. Feeling daring? Rent a pair of rollerskates and cruise the skate ribbon. Take a trip on the Skyride and see the Spokane Falls from a great vantage point. Step back in time on the Looff Carousel or leap into the future at the Pavilion Light Show. There’s truly something for everyone. Not to mention the Big Red Wagon that everyone needs a photo with or else did they truly visit Spokane?

Tiny Tiki

There is a tiki bar in Spokane and it’s an absolute gem. From the spot-on mid-century tiki decor to the perfectly balanced and well thought out tropical cocktails, the Tiny Tiki bar is a must-do.

Steam Plant

Whether you pop by for a flight from the brewery or just for a quick wander around the industrial interior, the Steam Plant is a fascinating Spokane landmark. Its two large stacks are beacons on the skyline.

Walk Around Downtown

Get a better sense of the city by walking the streets. Spokane is exceptionally architecturally rich as many historical structures have escaped the bulldozer. Thanks to that, each block of downtown is lined with buildings that span the decades. I can confidently say that the city has some of the nicest parking garages I have ever seen; I didn’t even know that could be possible!

Spokane WA City Guide

That concludes my photo heavy Spokane WA City Guide! I’m looking forward to my next Washington visit so I can stop by for a taco and a quick drinky-poo at the Tiny Tiki of course. If you have any suggestions of other great spots in Spokane, I would love to hear about them! For other travel features, check out my City Guides section

Many thanks to Visit Spokane for hosting us!