Phoenix Art Museum

Editing these photos made me incredibly nostalgic for being able to move about freely in the world. How amazing are art museums? I’ve always appreciated these spaces but now I feel even more starved for art than ever before. I might even dig out my old art history textbook from my university days just to soak it all in. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Phoenix Art Museum twice now and both times it has not disappointed me. Its main collection is vast and captivating as are the travelling exhibitions. Did I mention the building is dope too? The cacti landscaping outside always draws me straight to the front door. Here’s some shots from my last visit.


BAILEY’S OF HOLLYWOOD black hat – c/o (similar here)
ALDO  earrings (old) – c/o (similar here)
RAY BAN aviator sunglasses – c/o Shopbop
THRIFTED silk blazer (my mom found this for me!)
ARITZIA  babaton sculpt knit tank – I bought at Aritzia
LEVIS  mile high skinny jeans I bought at Aritzia
ALDO  white Drerissa Boots – c/o

Phoenix Art Museum

If ever you find yourself in the area, the Phoenix Art Museum is not to be missed! Once the world is back to normal, keep this spot in mind for your next trip. The art here needs to be appreciated over and over and over again. 

photographs – Jesse Sand + Sandy Joe Karpetz