Bozeman Montana Fall Road Trip

Remember when we could travel? Oh were those they days! Since myself and most likely all of you are currently at home, I thought it was time to do some vicarious travel content. Sure we can’t currently go on road trips, but what’s stopping us from dreaming up future ones? We are only limited by our imaginations! Last September I was fortunate enough to go on an extended traipse through a little piece of the US. (Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington.) Here is a little piece of that puzzle with Bozeman Montana Fall Road Trip being the first installment to this vlog adventure. Next up…. Yellowstone! But before that, take a tour of the RSVP Motel where we stayed. If you’re vegetarian I highly suggest checking out the Whistle Pig Korean restaurant while in Bozeman. It was so good. Anyway, enjoy the short but sweet vlog. xo