How to Wear Neon

First of all, the only way thing you need to know about how to wear neon is that you should wear it however you want. Now that we’ve gotten that to the forefront, here is how *I* wear neon and you can too. Take inspiration from this or not. It’s a free world man, and you can *mostly* do what you want. Except leave your house right now. No exceptions to that. I digress, here are some of the ways I like to incorporate neon into my wardrobe without looking like I time travelled from the 1980s. With that said, I am totally into the idea of looking like I’m a time traveller from the 80s so this isn’t a blog post against that. Ugh… okay, let me rephrase. Here’s some subtle ways to dip your toe into neon. Yes, that’s what this is! Keep scrolling my dudes.


Yesssss sir. This may seem obvious and that’s because it is. Some of the best advice is the most obvious! Accessories are for anyone who doesn’t want to fully commit to the neon look… (or rather ~lifestyle~ depending on who you’re talking to.) Whether that be a neon nail polish, phone case, or an eye-popping bag, incorporating a small piece of neon is the simplest way. Also, picking a monochromatic outfit with a neon accessory is a great way to do it. Or you can be like me and go full electroclash with a loud printed vintage dress paired with neon. Honestly, I do not believe there is a  “wrong way” when it comes to styling. 


Feeling a little “riskier”? Incorporate neon into the bulk of your outfit by finding a dress, shirt, pants, biker shorts, or whatever hero piece you like and just WEAR IT. This 90s dress with pops of neon and the weird print reminded me of the movie Hackers. It’s kind of ugly but that’s precisely what I love about it. It’s the type of dress that stops people and makes them wonder…. “what is she wearing?” And not necessarily in a good way either. I strive to make my outfits conversations, good or bad. Perhaps I am not the person you should be seeking fashion advice from. I’ll leave that up to you to decide. 😜


ALDO  bag (old) – c/o 
ALDO  earrings  – c/o 
BONLOOK sunglasses (old) – c/o 
VANS canvas sk8-hi true white – c/o

photographs – jesse sand