Electric Desert at Phoenix Botanical Garden

Just when I thought Arizona couldn’t be cooler, I discovered the Electric Desert at Phoenix Botanical Garden. It was an immersive sound and light show experience put on by Klip Collective. I didn’t realize it at the time but this was a limited time installation which makes me super sad that I’ll never see it again. For those who missed out, there is a collection of video and incredible night photography of the whole event on the Klip Collective website. I urge you to go take a look at that for some truly trippy visuals. I never thought cactus could look so much like coral with the right lighting and muzak. Anyway, keep scrolling for my Electric Desert experience.


SANDRO striped dress
VINTAGE hair clip
ALDO hoop earrings – c/o
VINTAGE tie dye jacket
LE CHATEAU blue suede heels

Desert Electric

It’s pretty crazy to think that a place like the desert could be habitable to anything. The Phoenix Botanical Garden really blew my mind… but so did the Picacho Super Bloom too. Oh the verdant desert! TAKE ME BACK! 🌵