Spokane Washington Road Trip

Here is the final installment from my fall road trip! I like to procrastinate when it comes it editing. It’s my specialty. ANYHOO…. please enjoy the sights and sounds of Spokane Washington Road Trip Vlog Part 4. Just to clarify, this footage was from fall 2019. (If you’d like to watch the other vlogs, check out my YouTube channel). Lastly, if you want a more in depth list of all the places we visited, check out my Spokane travel guide. My favourite spot, without a doubt was the Tiny Tiki. but there are so many gems to check out. I was shocked by the number of vegetarian and vegan spots all over the city. Anyways, I do not recommend travelling at the moment but certainly add it to the list for future ideas.

*this is not sponsored but we were hosted by Visit Spokane*