Historic Lowell Arizona

Welcome to Historic Lowell Arizona! While it ~technically~ was incorporated into Bisbee in the early 1900s, it still feels like a separate town. It’s easy to miss if you’re not paying attention while driving south of Bisbee. Cruising the winding edge of the Copper King Canyon along AZ-80 admiring the quarry below, it’s hard to believe a little town is perched on the side of a gaping pit. But that’s the thing about Arizona, the landscapes will amaze you whether they’re human made or straight from Mother Nature herself. Fortunately during this visit we were Staying in a Tiki Bus at The Shady Dell just across the road, so we had ample opportunities to drive by and notice it.

The History of Lowell

It was a mining town that slowly shrunk in size due to the enlarging of the quarry known as the Lavender Pit next to it. With the residential part of the town cleared out for the sake of copper mining, all that remained of the town was a commercial strip aptly named Erie Street. Because that’s exactly what it is, eerily deserted. With no citizens around to help the local economy, businesses struggled and ultimately shuttered.

The Businesses of Lowell

There are a few businesses still operating in Historic Lowell Arizona though many are phoney storefronts kept up by residents to maintain the ambience. We didn’t stop by during operating hours but Old Lady Pickers looked like an antique hounds manic dream (me). And I’ve heard the nearby Bisbee Breakfast Club is a great place to dine as well. 


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The Movie History of Lowell

Since Lowell had became a town frozen in time, it’s the perfect location for shooting movies. According to this IMDb list, my favourite movie history source, several movies have been shot there. My favourite on that list (solely based on the fact that it stars both Kyle MacLachlan AND Dwight Yoakam) is Roswell

Historic Lowell Arizona

And that’s Historic Lowell Arizona! Have you ever been? 

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