Lifestyle Favourites March 2021

Just me and a few of my lifestyle favourites march 2021! But if I’m really being honest, I mostly just like my cat the best. 

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I’ve finally retired my freebie sweaties from a fast food restaurant (that will remain nameless) and did a full upgrade. Since this year has been spent at home mostly in soft pants, I decided I needed a much nicer pair that were comfortable, warm, and had pockets. The Lululemon Scuba Joggers fit that bill perfectly. I even got the matching Scuba Zipped Hoodie too. (Both items were gifted but I ended up buying a second pair of the pants on my own because they’re so damn good.)

LULULEMON Scuba Jogger Sweatpants
LULULEMON Scuba Hoodie


Over the last few years I’ve been reducing waste in different facets of my life and period products is one of them. It all started with the the Diva Cup which I eventually upgraded to the far superior Saalt Cup and also added some period undies to the mix.I’ve been loving my pairs from Knix. They’re amazing for the days when you just want to not deal with a period at all. Bedtime? No problem, period panties. Going out for a long period of time and don’t want to have to empty your period cup in a public washroom? No problem. It’s truly changed my life. 

KNIX Lace Leakproof Bikini (not affiliate)
KNIX Leakproof Bikini (not affiliate)


The Saalt Cup is far superior to the Diva Cup just based on material alone. I always found the Diva Cup to be made of such hard plastic, it was always a struggle using it. Enter the Saalt Cup…. it’s made of super soft silicone, it’s BPA free, and it even come with a cute lil bag to store it in. 

SAALT Regular Soft Menstrual Cup



My sister gifted me these for Christmas and quite frankly, they’ve been bringing me a ton of joy since then. The whole collection is still available on their site (not affiliate linked).


I’ve talked about these scrunchies numerous times and it’s because they have saved me from a lot of hair damage since I’ve started using them. Being able to slip off a hair tie effortlessly makes such a difference when it comes to keeping my hair from breaking. Because these scrunchies are made of silk, I don’t have to fight to get my hair out of a ponytail or messy bun anymore. If you haven’t made the switch yet, I really recommend trying it and let me know what you think!

Small Scrunchies
Bunny Scrunchies
Medium Scrunchies


Spending time in front of screens has been a long standing activity I’ve done but it certainly feels like I’ve upped my screen time even more these days. Glasses with blue light filters are a non-negotiable now. because of that. I have fewer headaches and at the end of the day. my eyes aren’t feeling like they’re being incinerated anymore. The latest pair of glasses I’m wearing give me a bit of a Buddy Holly vibe too.

BAILEY NELSON Dustin Glasses (not affiliate)


These are the cutest earrings of all time hands down. Megan is an incredible artist, Every piece of her ceramic jewelry and home accessories are so damn adorable. I can’t get enough of her work! And she’s based in Alberta too. 🙂

MEGAN MACWHIRTER – Joni Cactus Earrings (not affiliate)
MEGAN MACWHIRTER – Dolly Earrings (not affiliate)


Whenever I find myself chatting about books, these two titles come up as my most recommended. So here I am, yet again, encouraging anyone who will listen, to read these two books!!!!!!

WOW, NO THANK YOU by Samantha Irby 
TRICK MIRROR by Jia Tolentino


Facial massage and moisturizing the only routines I have been able to keep up. I’m holding on by a thread but at least I smell dreamy and my face isn’t tense. There are SO MANY excellent YouTube tutorials on how to use a Gua Sha as well as giving yourself facial massages without a tool. I’m practicing a combination of both!

ODACITE Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool (via Detox Market)
LUSH Pansy Solid Moisturizer (tub version only available now also not an affiliate link)
LAURA MERCIER Vanille Body Cream 




I’ve spent a small fortune on candles trying to make my space as enjoyable as possible and I have no regrets. I’m oscillating between Sydney Hale Co and Astier de Villatte. Both brands create such sumptuous combination of scents. My preference leans to the woodsy and musky scents. There are few florals I have tolerance for but Lilac is always the exception to that rule.

SYDNEY HALE CO Eucalyptus + Sage Candle & Room Spray
SYDNEY HALE CO Woodsmoke + Amber Candle

ASTIER DE VILLATTE Hollywood Incense

ASTIER DE VILLATTE Porte Des Lilas Candle (this smells like a gorgeous lilac bush)





I’m a snacky person, so much so that I made a whole video about it: My Favourite Quarantine Snacks. But here are a couple more to add to the list because there’s always room for more 🙂

Lifestyle Favourites March 2021

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