Lifestyle Favourites March 2021

Lifestyle Favourites March 2021

Lifestyle Favourites March 2021

Just me and a few of my lifestyle favourites march 2021! But if I’m really being honest, I mostly just like my cat the best. 

FTC – This post was not sponsored. All bold brand products were received in PR with no obligation to post and any including a hyperlink are affiliate unless stated otherwise



I’ve finally retired my freebie sweaties from a fast food restaurant (that will remain nameless) and did a full upgrade. Since this year has been spent at home mostly in soft pants, I decided I needed a much nicer pair that were comfortable, warm, and had pockets. The Lululemon Scuba Joggers fit that bill perfectly. I even got the matching Scuba Zipped Hoodie too. (Both items were gifted but I ended up buying a second pair of the pants on my own because they’re so damn good.)

LULULEMON Scuba Jogger Sweatpants
LULULEMON Scuba Hoodie


Over the last few years I’ve been reducing waste in different facets of my life and period products is one of them. It all started with the the Diva Cup which I eventually upgraded to the far superior Saalt Cup and also added some period undies to the mix.I’ve been loving my pairs from Knix. They’re amazing for the days when you just want to not deal with a period at all. Bedtime? No problem, period panties. Going out for a long period of time and don’t want to have to empty your period cup in a public washroom? No problem. It’s truly changed my life. 

KNIX Lace Leakproof Bikini (not affiliate)
KNIX Leakproof Bikini (not affiliate)


The Saalt Cup is far superior to the Diva Cup just based on material alone. I always found the Diva Cup to be made of such hard plastic, it was always a struggle using it. Enter the Saalt Cup…. it’s made of super soft silicone, it’s BPA free, and it even come with a cute lil bag to store it in. 

SAALT Regular Soft Menstrual Cup



My sister gifted me these for Christmas and quite frankly, they’ve been bringing me a ton of joy since then. The whole collection is still available on their site (not affiliate linked).


I’ve talked about these scrunchies numerous times and it’s because they have saved me from a lot of hair damage since I’ve started using them. Being able to slip off a hair tie effortlessly makes such a difference when it comes to keeping my hair from breaking. Because these scrunchies are made of silk, I don’t have to fight to get my hair out of a ponytail or messy bun anymore. If you haven’t made the switch yet, I really recommend trying it and let me know what you think!

Small Scrunchies
Bunny Scrunchies
Medium Scrunchies


Spending time in front of screens has been a long standing activity I’ve done but it certainly feels like I’ve upped my screen time even more these days. Glasses with blue light filters are a non-negotiable now. because of that. I have fewer headaches and at the end of the day. my eyes aren’t feeling like they’re being incinerated anymore. The latest pair of glasses I’m wearing give me a bit of a Buddy Holly vibe too.

BAILEY NELSON Dustin Glasses (not affiliate)


These are the cutest earrings of all time hands down. Megan is an incredible artist, Every piece of her ceramic jewelry and home accessories are so damn adorable. I can’t get enough of her work! And she’s based in Alberta too. 🙂

MEGAN MACWHIRTER – Joni Cactus Earrings (not affiliate)
MEGAN MACWHIRTER – Dolly Earrings (not affiliate)


Whenever I find myself chatting about books, these two titles come up as my most recommended. So here I am, yet again, encouraging anyone who will listen, to read these two books!!!!!!

WOW, NO THANK YOU by Samantha Irby 
TRICK MIRROR by Jia Tolentino


Facial massage and moisturizing the only routines I have been able to keep up. I’m holding on by a thread but at least I smell dreamy and my face isn’t tense. There are SO MANY excellent YouTube tutorials on how to use a Gua Sha as well as giving yourself facial massages without a tool. I’m practicing a combination of both!

ODACITE Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool (via Detox Market)
LUSH Pansy Solid Moisturizer (tub version only available now also not an affiliate link)
LAURA MERCIER Vanille Body Cream 




I’ve spent a small fortune on candles trying to make my space as enjoyable as possible and I have no regrets. I’m oscillating between Sydney Hale Co and Astier de Villatte. Both brands create such sumptuous combination of scents. My preference leans to the woodsy and musky scents. There are few florals I have tolerance for but Lilac is always the exception to that rule.

SYDNEY HALE CO Eucalyptus + Sage Candle & Room Spray
SYDNEY HALE CO Woodsmoke + Amber Candle

ASTIER DE VILLATTE Hollywood Incense

ASTIER DE VILLATTE Porte Des Lilas Candle (this smells like a gorgeous lilac bush)





I’m a snacky person, so much so that I made a whole video about it: My Favourite Quarantine Snacks. But here are a couple more to add to the list because there’s always room for more 🙂

Lifestyle Favourites March 2021

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How to Make Fresh Pasta at Home

How to Make Fresh Pasta at Home

How to Make Fresh Pasta at Home

Since I’ve spent the majority of the past year at home, I’ve been acquiring new skills. One of these new skills is How to Make Fresh Pasta. I am a clumsy chef, so do not be alarmed. Here are the recipes I worked from:

Eggless Pasta Dough
(includes instructions on how to cut pasta without a machine)

Easy Vegan Pesto 

Scarpetta Fresh Tomato and Basil Sauce
(the tomato sauce is not vegan. it has parmigiano reggiano and butter in it)

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My Favourite Quarantine Snacks

My Favourite Quarantine Snacks

My Favourite Quarantine Snacks

Here are My Favourite Quarantine Snacks! I’ve been hanging out at home since March and it’s given me ample time to perfect my snacking rituals. But to be honest, I am a lifelong snacker. I’ve spent many formative years in the basement of my parents house playing Super Nintendo and snacking. I have been training to make this post for YEARS… decades even! And this wouldn’t be a proper snack video if I didn’t make a tier system to categorize them. Which category is your favourite? 😂

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1970s Condo Renovation Before and After

1970s Condo Renovation Before and After

1970s Condo Renovation Before and After

In my opinion, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing renovation progress! My 1970s Condo Renovation Before and After has been a post in the making for a few years. I originally bought the condo as a major fixer upper at the end of 2015. It was a painfully slow process but now looking back now, it was very rewarding experience. In the meantime, I have now sold this place and moved onto my next project, a 1960s bungalow where I can live out my grooviest life. The “after” photos are courtesy of my realtor, Patti Proctor, and we taken by Cheryl Silsbe.   

Dining Room

My dining room was the first area of my condo that I publicly revealed. This was mostly due to the fact that not a lot needed to be changed in here in the first place. The walls were extremely yellowed so a fresh coat of white paint was in order. Before we did that, I took down the vertical blinds, my personal nemesis when it comes to window coverings, and ripped out the ugly carpet. I originally wanted to do polished cement floors but it would have taken me a century to buff out the concrete so I opted for a faux wood look instead. All that was left to do after that was to find a swag light with a long enough cord which I talked all about in my Dining Room Reveal post. It was surprisingly elusive.

Living Room

It feels like a cop out even mentioning this as a seperate room since it’s attached to the dining room and bar area but I make the rules around here so let’s talk about it like it’s a seperate space. Even though I know it’s not. For the longest time I had camping chairs as my living room furniture. I was a blogger with a dark secret – my house was not a home by any means. Those were weird times. Eventually I tore out the carpet and took down the severely stained silk curtains; I wish they could have been salvaged! Those were replaced with the same flooring that was throughout the condo and velvet curtains from IKEA. 


The Bar

Again, this isn’t a seperate room but you will have to humour me here. I took out the velvet arm rest that was attached to the bar. It was weird. Everything else I kept exactly the same aside from changing the floor and lightbulbs. This little nook was what originally sold me on the condo when I first saw it. I even made an episode of Cocktails with Sandy – the Spicy Caesar in it.

The Kitchen

The kitchen was a real wild ride and one of the rooms that had a complete overhaul. We stripped it completely down which included replacing a piece of drywall due to what appeared to be mould. I’m still trying to figure out why anyone would have saloon doors in such a small kitchen – those were the first to go. Then the hideous textured wallpaper, crooked cupboards, burnt olive countertop, stained linoleum, and old appliances. When I stay everything, I mean it. I bought my appliances from Costco, the cupboards from IKEA, and the countertop from Habitat for Humanity. The subway tiling I found in a second hand store in Arizona for super cheap. Big thanks to my dad for really making the kitchen come together with all his skillz.


While my bathroom was being reno’d I had to move my life into the kitchen as it was the only working sink. I do not miss this phase. Also, I left the blue plastic on my kitchen cupboards for the longest time because I had a feeling I was going to be selling it sooner than later.

What an improvement! I ended up going with a smaller fridge just so it would be flush with the wall and countertop. Nothing drives me more insane than when an appliance sticks out in a weird way. Clean lines and surfaces!!!! (If you’re a fan of Absolutely Fabulous, you know.)

The Bedroom

Mostly this room just needed a little refresh which included new floors and paint. And of course new curtains! The rug in here was a stained pink number that matched the stained glossier pink drapes. Yikes. Check out the link below for a full video room tour.

My Bedroom Tour

The Hallway

The only redeeming quality about the entrance was the built in shelf with the undermount lighting. It was exactly what any 70s pad needed and another design detail that attracted me to the property to begin with. More beige textured wallpaper had to come down, linoleum had to be peeled, and walls needed to be painting. We even replaced the lighting as it resembled the brass display cases elderly ladies have for their miniature crystal figurines. Not for me! The final touch was painting the inside of the front door a glossy black. 

Bathroom #1

Where do I even begin with bathroom number one? The unit above me was under renovation and the really amazing plumbers they hired managed to drain both their toilet and bathtub through my ceiling fan and hatch. It was a nightmare and was the reason why I didn’t go to SXSW despite having media accreditation. I will never forgive them for that! I digress, I recently rewatched the video I took of the water coming through the ceiling – my advice for anyone in a shared space situation like a condo: always take photographic/video evidence. If you’re a woman, tradesmen will always try and make you feel as though you’re over exaggerating the situation and talk down to you. One cannot deny live footage of water pouring out of a ceiling. Thanks to that, I had my drywall replaced and a dehumidifier brought in. They tried to tell me it would dry on it’s own, that it wasn’t a big deal, I refused to be quiet until they did the right thing. 

The rest of the bathroom reno was very chill. This is a short list of what we did:

  • bought a new sink / vanity / faucet from IKEA because the old ones were HIDEOUS
  • wayfair gifted me this cute circular mirror
  • sanded down + painted the tub white
  • left the tiling because I really loved it
  • spray bombed the light fixture silver because I also loved it and wanted to repurpose it (it’s amazing what you can do with spray paint!)
  • added towel racks and changed the lightswitch plates

En Suite Bathroom

This room pains me a little. In my heart of hearts I wanted so badly to save this majestic wallpaper but it was not meant to be. It was damaged in many spots. In addition to that, I would have to keep the terrible counter over the toilet too which meant keeping the janky vanity as well. RIP that foil beauty which was an absolute nightmare to remove. We ended up having to re-drywall over the entire washroom because the wallpaper destroyed the walls. I ended up losing a few inches on square footage in the washroom because of that but it was no big deal since it was already absurdly larger than it needed to be. There were two closets in there too! The sink and vanity I bought from IKEA, the mirror was gifted from Wayfair, and I kept the original lighting to because it was rad. My dad painstakingly figured out how to replace the metal closet doors with all mirrors – my favourite!

Me doing my best impression of a Goblin muppet from the Labyrinth

1970s Condo Renovation Before and After

Thanks so much for coming along on this renovation journey! For my next project, I’m thinking of updating as I go along rather than waiting for a huge reveal – let me know if that interests you! I didn’t bother including the two other bedrooms because not much changed in them that was worth noting – flooring and paint! If you want a complete tour of my condo, check out My Home Tour post below. I hope you enjoyed my 1970s Condo Renovation Before and After.


Thrifted Holiday Decor

Thrifted Holiday Decor

Thrifted Holiday Decor

I’ve never been the type of person with a “perfect” tree filled with matching decorations. Whenever I think about Christmas decorating, antiques are my inspiration. Whether it’s a Santa candle or a classic bulb, there’s something about vintage items that make the holidays feel more authentic. I love preserving memories and creating layers of intrigue when decorating; that’s why I love thrifted holiday decor so much. There’s always something unique to be found! The idea of items having a history before I even take them home brings me great joy. It’s as if they’ve lived a whole other life and my house is the next chapter in their story. This year I poked around Value Village to find truly stellar items. Since I’m in the process of moving (the weekend before Christmas!) I’ll be forgoing the tree this year. However, I’ll make up for it with other fun pieces.

All About the Brass

For those of us who are tree-less, a tablescape is a nice way to add holiday decor to the home. I always start mine by sourcing brass candle holders and figurines. There always seems to be an abundance of brass whenever I visit a Value Village. I pick it all up, quietly thank the person who donated it, and make elaborate candle displays on tables, fireplaces, and bookshelves with them. If brass isn’t your aesthetic, I would suggest crystal or silver candle holders. The more mismatching and size differences, the better, in my opinion. It’s what helps to create the whimsical flow and feast for the eyes. In addition to looking amazing during the holidays, the candle holders can be utilized all year round. All of them aside from the bugle and poinsettia shaped holders of course. This year I even found brass stocking hooks! 🎄

Add Shapes

If you’re another like me, more is more. Maximalism is a way of life. I cannot buy brass candle holders and just stop there. Goodness no. It could always use something else! A mini bushel of wheat, a ceramic Santa statue covered in silver foil, or glitter acorns! Those are just a few of the extra little things that all seem innocuous on their own, but help to create a larger decor story. They complete the candle story and turn it into a riveting novel (in my opinion, of course.)

Mood Lighting

One of the easiest things to find for thrifted holiday decor is lighting. I am always so overwhelmed with the amount of lighting options when thrifting at Value Village. For instance, this year I scored big time between my Santa shaped candles (an acquired taste, I know) and the 60s glass block filled with xmas lights! I find candles shaped as other things to be incredibly charming. The golden evergreen tree candles I was thrilled to have found hiding out back in the candle section at Value Village. Here is a rule of thumb that I live by: anything lit with twinkle lights or candles gives off a cozy holiday feels. 

Thrifted Holiday Decor

With all that said, thrifted holiday decor is a great way to infuse creativity into your home without breaking the bank. The holiday season is a time of over consumption in many ways. So by reusing donated items from Value Village we are consequently reducing our carbon footprint all while creating a memorable holiday atmosphere in our homes. My one final tip to those holiday bakers out there, thrifting your tins for your cookies and sweets is both a much nicer way to present your delicious treats to hosts but also a great way to recycle too! Lastly, if anyone else has any holiday tips for thrifting, I would LOVE to hear them!

For other thrifting ideas, check out my Thrifted Winter CoatsThrifted Halloween Costumes and Back to School Thrifting posts.

This post is sponsored by Value Village. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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My Home Tour – The Hyde Park

My Home Tour – The Hyde Park

My Home Tour

The time has come my friends, my home tour has arrived! After a few arduous years of renovating s l o w l y, my space was completed. This 70s disco den is located in the Oliver neighbourhood of Edmonton, AB. The Hyde Park is one of the first high rise condos in Western Canada, it even had a doorman with it first opened! I love the brutalist facade of the tower! My unit was a great place to hang my hat for a couple of years regardless of how terrible it was to live in an active construction zone. Watch the video for the complete tour and keep scrolling for photos of each room!


My living / dining room area is one giant space, a big ol’ rectangle with a built in bookcase and a bar around the corner. The best part about older condos is the sheer amount of SPACE. They did not economize when it came to room size that’s for sure. In the dining room area I have a large Oliver Apartment central table (check out My Oliver Apartment Dining Room Reveal post for a full breakdown) and vintage Herman Miller chairs. I also have a collection of brass candlesticks (I’ve been slowly thrifting) with Ester + Eric multicoloured candles in them. I love the way they look! The living room is a mix of vintage and IKEA.

Pieces of Note

My Ester + Erik candle story


No 70s condo would be complete without a built in bar! I’ve used it…. a handful of occasions. Like the time I made The Best Spicy Caesar for the 50th Anniversary of the caesar. That was a wild time. Most of the furniture in this area is built in (the bench/the bar) but the barstools actually came with the condo when I purchased it. As did the mirrored bar shelving. That’s where I keep some of my tiki mugs! There’s really not much else to say about this area.


Remember that time I didn’t take full photos of the kitchen? Yes… me too. I probably should have checked up on that before I sold it. Oops! Next time I’ll do better. Just imagine an IKEA kitchen because this is 100% what this is. The appliances I bought at Costco though because there’s some H O T deals to be had there.

Some things I love


This is where the *magic* happens. By magic I mean me hanging out in my pjs with my beverage center (water/tea/smoothie) editing photos I took months prior because I am NOT ON THE BALL despite my best intentions. Well that feels good to get off my chest! I intended on hanging some pennants on the walls but never got around to it. Better luck next time!


As a fashion blogger and long time vintage hoarder, it only made sense to make the second bedroom a closet. One of the previous owners was a seamstress so the room was already one full wall of closet. It’s as if this condo was just waiting for me to come live in it! Between the shelves and racks, I had a good storage system going on. Aside from the wall of closets, (my version of the wall of sound 😉 ) I have very little furniture in the room. I do, however, have my clothing arranged in a colour gradient and that’s much better than any furniture. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Pieces of Note

  • a single chair from Find a local not-for-profit furniture store
  • a plant from IKEA
  • plant pot from Winners / Homesense
  • Ceramic dog c/o my mom


Originally I was going to make two posts for the two seperate bathrooms but alas, I forget to take photos of the en suite! I’m basically the most professional blogger of all time. With that said, next time I will do better. In the meantime, please enjoy my top shelfie favourite products of all time 🙂

Pieces of Note


In the spring, I shared My Bedroom Reveal. It’s basically a large emptyish room with the exception of my bed, a chair, and a large mirror. You can find the full details from the linked post. 🙂

My Home Tour

That concludes the tour of my three bedroom / two bath condo in Edmonton, Alberta. As per the “surprise” ending of my video, I have moved! This only means that there will be more home related content coming up. This condo was renovated by my dad and I so I will be sure to put together a before/after of the space (once I find the before photos wherever I hid them on my computers). Want more home content in the meantime? Check out my last condo in the John Deere Lofts. If you enjoyed my home tour vlog, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like that. 

Photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz

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