RSVP Motel Bozeman Montana

RSVP Motel Bozeman Montana

RSVP Motel 

After having visited Bozeman a couple winters ago, it was on the list to check out again. So when we took a road trip down to Montana this fall, Bozeman was our first stop. (Well, the Sip n Dip was truly our first stop but…) During this visit, we stayed at the RSVP Motel – a cute sixties spot that’s been updated in the best ways. It’s like taking a step back in time all while enjoying modern day conveniences. I’m all for it. I’ll let the photographs do some of the talking now.  


It may be safe to say that the room had me the second I laid eyes on the terrazzo bathroom counter. Or perhaps it was when I saw the wildly patterned curtains that divide the bedroom from the living area. Either way, the suites at the RSVP Motel are a stylish home away from home. The ample sized bedroom area is complimented by the equally spacious living area complete with wet bar, fridge, and dining area. There was even a private back patio with a gas fireplace! I greatly appreciate their attention to detail down to the La Perla toiletries, excellent tea selection, and the silky robes. 


The RSVP Motel is truly a one stop shop if you’re looking to relax. Brunch is just a few steps away from any of the motel suites. A damn fine brunch it is too. The Farmer’s Daughters has vegan and vegetarian options as well as a whole smoothie menu. Sit in or grab something to go and eat at the common patio area, either way it will be delightful.


Here’s a quick rundown of the dope amenities the RSVP Motel has for guests:

  • Electric car charger!!!! Now that I’ve gone electric, it’s so exciting seeing these pop up places
  • An outdoor pool (weather permitting of course)
  • Communal outdoor fire pit + lounge area
  • Pink bicycles to borrow

RSVP Motel

When planning a trip to Bozeman, the RSVP Motel is most definitely the place to stay! It’s a boutique design dream meets mid century modern charm. Add in all the luxury comforts of a high end hotel and that’s exactly what you can expect from a stay at this property. I’m already plotting on my return visit! Hopefully this time the weather will be right for a dip in the breezeblock surrounded pool! 

For more information about the RSVP Motel, check out their site.

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photographs – Jesse Sand + Sandy Joe Karpetz

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Staying in a Tiki Bus at The Shady Dell

Staying in a Tiki Bus at The Shady Dell

Staying in a Tiki Bus at The Shady Dell

Just past the copper quarry in Bisbee, Arizona there’s a special place for those who appreciate a different kind of hotel experience. The Shady Dell is where all my antique travel dreams came true. The whole property is such a delight that it deserves its own post. One of which I will get to very soon! In the meantime, let’s focus on the 1947 Tiki Bus, the Polynesian Palace we had the pleasure of checking in to. Staying in a Tiki Bus at The Shady Dell is a unique delight that I’m glad to have experienced. 

The Shady Dell

Staying in a converted baseball team school bus in a trailer park beside a graveyard sounds like the location of a campy horror movie. I assure you it’s not. The Shady Dell is a boutique trailer park (I don’t think I’ve ever put those two words together in my life.) The owners have painstakingly collected a number of antique trailers, buses, and even a yacht! Each unit has been lovingly restored or in the case of the tiki bus, converted. The whole property is decorated with other antique curiosities such as classic cars and an original valentine diner!

The Powder Room

The Tiki Bus comes equipped with a working toilet (teal coloured of course!), a sink, and a puffer fish to light the way. While there isn’t a private shower, there is an antique shower door as the bathroom door! The showers are located nearby in a main building and are decorated with antique avon soaps & perfume bottles. Yes. Please.

Tiki in the Kitsch-en

This Polynesian palace was not without a kitschy kitchenette. While the stove and oven were purely ornamental, the sink and fridge are the perfect set up to make all the tiki drinks. It’s a necessity when one wants to live out their tiki island fantasy. There’s even proper tiki mugs! In other words, this is a Tiki-philes absolute dream. The attention to detail is not to be overlooked – every item within the bus, including the kitchen wares, are all the era of this bus. There’s nothing but authentic flavours when staying in a tiki bus at The Shady Dell!

Mood Music

In addition to all the other on brand tiki details, there is also a record player to help set the mood. Dig some Beach Boys or Polynesian instrumental music while getting ready? No problem, there’s a whole selection of records to create the perfect island vibe. During our stay we went through the whole discography provided and can confirm the collection is dope as hell. In fact, it has inspired us to start collecting more Polynesian records for the future basement tiki bar we plan on having. 

Staying in a Tiki Bus at The Shady Dell

When staying in a tiki bus at The Shady Dell, one must be prepared to be swept away into another decade. For travellers who love the nostalgia or long for a time when road travel reigned supreme, this little hideaway is a must. Bisbee is a hidden gem of a place that should be included in any Arizona travel itinerary. And The Shady Dell is the place to stay when visiting! Check out their website for more details about bookings and the property. 

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Photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz + Jesse Sand

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The Clarendon Hotel Phoenix Arizona

The Clarendon Hotel Phoenix Arizona

The Clarendon Hotel Phoenix Arizona

Just slightly north of the downtown core, The Clarendon Hotel is nestled away in a quiet neighbourhood. It’s the perfect spot to step back in time all while enjoying modern amenities and design. I was originally drawn to its midcentury vibe only to discover it was actually built in 1972! That might explain the artful use of mirrors vertically throughout the stone facade. A little further research and I discovered that a journalist by the name of Don Bolles was murdered outside the hotel when a bomb was placed under his car in June of 1976. One of my favourite attributes a hotel can possess is the intrigue of having a rich history, just like the Hotel Congress in Tucson. I swear these hotels find me! Anyway, I very much enjoyed staying at the Clarendon Hotel Phoenix Arizona, and here’s why:

Breakfast at Tranquilo

Question: What’s better than a hotel with a restaurant attached to it? Answer: A GOOD restaurant that serves Mexican food. And that’s exactly what Tranquilos is. The horchatas are perfection, the service was amazing, and the menu was super flexible for dietary options (hello vegetarian choices!). If that wasn’t enough, we even saw Aquaman dining one morning. 

Unlimited Snacks

If you’re aren’t sated from the delicious menu of Tranquilos, not to worry! The Clarendon Hotel offers a wide variety of complementary snacks from the concierge desk. I can confirm that I was a regular visitor of this endless candy counter. Any offer of a peanut butter cup and I’m there. 

Location, Location, Location!

The location of accommodations directly affects what kind of trip you will have. If the hotel is far from everything, the trip will be spent commuting to the places you want to be. Fortunately, The Clarendon Hotel Phoenix Arizona is, dare I say, the perfect location. Keeping a mindful distance from the downtown core where parking can be a real nuisance, especially during the event of a cattle convention (true story.) Not only is there covered parking for the hotel (which turns out is pretty important in the desert heat) but also ample street parking as well. In addition to that, it’s quick and easy to get to a number of notable spots within Phoenix. 

The Suite Life

Any hotel suite that comes with a full closet, a fridge, and a sitting area is alright with me. The Clarendon goes one step further by having their suites situated all around the courtyard pool, and that is a true delight. I love being close to the water! Aside from that, another feature I was stoked on was all the storage space for my toiletries. I know this sounds like a minor detail but as a person who travels with a few many products, it’s nice to have somewhere to put them that isn’t in the way. 


Speaking of the few many products I travelled with… here’s a couple things on the shelves that I particularly love:

EVA NYC clean it up shampoo / soften it up conditioner – c/o
BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Make-up Removing Miceller – c/o

NARS afterglow lip balm in orgasm – c/o
GLOSSIER haloscope in quartz – c/o
NUDE BY NATURE moisture shine lipstick 05 pale coral – c/o

SKINCEUTICALS Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF50 – c/o
SKINCEUTICALS C E Ferulic Combination Antioxidant Treatment – c/o
ESSIE nail polishes – c/o

THE WITCHERY cedar oil – c/o
KIEHL’S midnight recovery concentrate – c/o
IMAGE SKINCARE the max stem cell creme – c/o

SAJE exotic deodorant spray
OUAI hair oil – c/o (this is one of the few things from the line that I like the smell of)
SHEA MOISTURE 100% pure shea oil – c/o
IMAGE SKINCARE the max stem cell facial cleanser – c/o

The Outdoor Amenities

Duuuuuuuuuuuude. As I mentioned before, the courtyard pool is one of the dreamiest features of the Clarendon. After a day exploring the city, coming back to luxuriate in the hot tub was the best. There was always the option to make a visit to the rooftop deck with a view of downtown Phoenix instead. I would recommend both at least once. 🙂

The Clarendon Hotel Phoenix Arizona

And that is the Clarendon Hotel Phoenix Arizona! As a person who visits the state at least once a year, I love continuing to discover new spots to share. For more Arizona related content check out my posts here. And for more travel in general, peep my travel section.

photographs – Jesse Sand + Sandy Joe Karpetz

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ON THE ROAD | Reykjavik Residence Suites

ON THE ROAD | Reykjavik Residence Suites


Reykjavik Residence Suites

Now that IcelandAir has resumed services to Edmonton, it’s a great time to start considering stopping there on the way to Europe! Reykjavik is a gorgeous city that I had the pleasure of spending three days in. While I was there, I stayed at the quaint and centrally located Reykjavik Residence Suites. To say I felt right at home is an understatement. The Reykjavik Residence Hotel has a plethora of housing options from studios to three bedroom suites. They can easily accommodate small and large parties. I was a party of one but was fortunate enough to get a taste of a spacious two bedroom with a red velvet couch. Sigh. Keep scrolling for the highlights of my stay at the Reykjavik Residence Suites.


Breakfast In A Basket

Every day while I was out, a basket was delivered to my fridge. It was full of delicious Icelandic made provisions as well as the basics to make a truly wonderful sandwich. A fresh loaf of bread from the Sandholt Bakery was hanging in a tote bag on my door handle every morning. Sandholt opened in 1920 and is the oldest bakery in Iceland; it’s still family run. I could have eaten a dozen slices plain. A bread so good it doesn’t need anything on it! Back to the breakfast basket, it has lava crackers, jam from native berries from Iceland, and tea! In addition to hard boiled eggs, cheese slices, fresh tomatoes etc. A perfect continental breakfast is just one thing to expect from the Reykavik Residence Suites! 🙂 They’re even able to accommodate food allergies or dietary preferences like vegans and vegetarians. How much do you love this hotel?

Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-5 Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-8 Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-7 Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-6 Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-9

In the Heart of Reykjavik

Reykjavik is a coastal town on the western part of Iceland. The majority of the city is on a peninsula and is incredibly walkable. If you’re unfamiliar with the city, then Reykjavik Residence Suites is a great place to begin your exploration. It’s central to everything! From the Hallgrimskirkja, the famous modern and foreboding cathedral, to several noteable museums, the Sandholt bakery, and all the boutique shops and cafes on street. It’s also two (short) blocks away from the water. The Blue Lagoon bus even stops right at the hotel too which made my jetlagged life so much easier. Getting stressed out about transportation is the last thing I want to do before going to relax in blue water.

Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-12 Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-13 Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-17 Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-14 Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-16

Like Home But Better

Both rooms I had the pleasure of staying in were both cozy and spacious. It was like being at home but better. The beds were super cozy, the extra blankets were a nice touch. I was in Iceland after all and it was chilly, make no mistake. I made use of the extra blankets and bath robe while cozying up on my choice of couches. The red velvet was probably my favourite. Also, they were kind enough to include a full length mirror in the suite. This is a feature that is shockingly absent in many hotel rooms to my frustration and annoyance. The en suite kitchen and grande bathroom with the massive walk in shower was practical and decadent.


the infamous Sandholt Bakery bag delivered by some sweet bread elves 🙂

Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-20 Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-15 Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-21 Reykjavik-Residence-Suites-22

Reykjavik Residence Suites

After that relaxing stay, I’m visualizing my next trip to Iceland hoping to manifest it sooner than later! This time I’ll have to check out their Early in the Morning restaurant and book their personal driver to squire me from the airport to the hotel. They offer all the most useful amenities to tired international travelers. For more information, head on over to their website here. And check back soon for my upcoming weekend in Reykjavik post!

photographs – Sandy Joe Karpetz

Many thanks to the Reykjavik Residence Suites for hosting us on this stay!

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ON THE ROAD | The Sacajawea Hotel

ON THE ROAD | The Sacajawea Hotel


The Sacajawea Hotel

Historic hotels have always held a soft spot in my heart since growing up in a home from the turn of the century. It’s an even bigger treat when a historical hotel has been restored to their former glory and updated to modern times too! The Sacajawea Hotel in Three Forks, Montana is both of those things and more! It’s a landmark hotel opened in 1910 to accomodate the traffic from the booming railroad. By the early 200’s, it was boarded up and in disrepair. Thankfully the Folkvord’s, a 3rd generation Montanan family, spent 8 months resurrecting the original grandeur. It was then reopened in 2009 to host guests year round. Keep scrolling to see my stay at the Sacajawea Hotel!

the-sacajawea-hotel-Montana-5 the-sacajawea-hotel-Montana-6 the-sacajawea-hotel-Montana-7

Arriving at The Sacajawea Hotel

This is the second American Historical Hotel I’ve had the pleasure of staying at (you may recall my post on the Hotel Congress Tucson, AZ) and it did not disappoint! The stunning facade was just as gorgeous in person as in photos. We entered the warm and impeccably decorated lobby and were greeted warmly by the staff.  The second we stepped inside we were immediately offered a warm facecloth infused with lavender. A small but immensely wonderful gesture after having driven through a snow storm on Christmas Eve. A hot cocoa later, we were checking into room 305.


The Royal Treatment

Our first night we enjoyed some prosecco in the king sized sleigh bed. The chocolate covered strawberries were a real treat for us road weary travelers, not to mention the massive walk in shower! (We’ll get to that in a minute!) Each night there was a little piece of huckleberry chocolate waiting on our pillows too.

the-sacajawea-hotel-Montana-11 the-sacajawea-hotel-Montana-10

No Bad Views

Every window we looked out revealed a picturesque view of Montana. When the snowstorm cleared, we were able to see the Tabacco Root Mountains from our room! That’s part of the Rocky Mountain range that we love and enjoy in Jasper & Banff! Out another window, you can see the old train station too. The snow just added to the magic coziness that Three Forks exudes.

the-sacajawea-hotel-Montana-15 the-sacajawea-hotel-Montana-16

Location, Location, Location!

The Sacajawea Hotel is located in such a prime spot. Three Forks is a short drive to Bozeman, Montana; a hub of local eateries, cute stores, and the most adorable main street you have ever seen! (I’ll be posting about it soon enough so check back for more on that). The Sac is also an hour and a half drive to West Yellowstone, a gateway to the infamous park. Being in the area of such geothermal activity means that Three Forks is also near a myriad of hot springs: Bozeman, Norris, and Boulder hot springs to name a few!

the-sacajawea-hotel-Montana-17 the-sacajawea-hotel-Montana-18

Bathroom Goals

The second I saw the wainscotting in the bathroom, I was ready to move in! Not to mention the giant square pedestal sink and an abundance of fluffy towels. They even had lip balm in addition to the normal toiletries one gets at a hotel. If there is one thing you need in Montana during the winter, it’s definitely lip balm!


Breakfast in Bed

The Sacajawea Hotel does their continental breakfast a little different than any other hotel I’ve ever stayed at. It arrives on a tray at your door! Or wherever else in the hotel you choose to dine. A card with delicious options is filled out the evening before and it arrives at your specified time! There’s even a tea and coffee bar on the second floor so we were able to make our own London Fogs every morning.


The Property

The grounds surrounding the Sacajawea Hotel are extensive. Since they host many events on their property, they have maximized their entertaining space. Starting with a gorgeous back porch illuminated from above with strung lights which leads to a tented area. You may have seen a dreamy wedding or two on their Instagram feed! In the summertime they host a cocktail hour on their wraparound deck. I may have to plan a return visit to get the full experience of the Sac year round! On the second floor is where The Spa is located. They even recently opened separate cottages for those seeking a little more privacy and space.  Find out more about booking a room at the Sacajawea Hotel. Did I mention there’s two places to eat and drink within the hotel too? You’ll never have to leave!


Pompey’s Grill & The Sacajawea Bar

Want to grab a delicious meal in Three Forks? You don’t even have to leave the hotel to have a full fine dining experience. Pompey’s Grill, is conveniently located across from the main lobby and offers some truly delightful cuisine. Check back next week for a full Food Coma post featuring this dreamy eatery! The Sacajawea Bar in the basement of the hotel is the place to go for live music, dancing, and of course delicious bar food too! Montana is home to some incredible breweries so be sure to try some local craft beers at The Sac as well.

the-sacajawea-hotel-Montana-2 the-sacajawea-hotel-Montana-30

Take a Road Trip!

This was one of the best roadtrips for gorgeous scenery I have ever been on. The picturesque drive through the mountains of Montana only to arrive at this stunning hotel. What more could you want? There are so many things to do and see in Montana and we just scratched the surface! I can’t wait to plan my next getaway to Montana. A trip which will have to include a stop at the Sacajawea Hotel, if only for an order of their fried cheese curds from the Sac Bar!

photographs – Jesse Sand & Sandy Karpetz

Many thanks to The Folkvord Family at the Sacajawea Hotel for hosting us on this stay!

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ON THE ROAD | A Weekend at the Hotel Arts

ON THE ROAD | A Weekend at the Hotel Arts


Driving down to Calgary may only be a three hour time commitment but the stark contrast in the change of scenery makes you feel as though you are worlds away. There are a number of different neighbourhoods to check out, the downtown core is so impressive with the looming skyscrapers giving that infinite tunnel feeling when you cross the street and look down the road, and of course, there is the luxurious Hotel Arts to rest your head at the end of the day when you’re done exploring.

Walking into the lobby, you’re greeted with a lengthy blown glass grand light fixture that looks suspiciously like a collection of the most delicious sweets. There’s a dual sided fire place flanked with ample seating on either side as well as a delightful view of the outdoor pool which also features a smattering of art pieces along the patio. There is no shortage to the intricate sculptures peppered throughout the hotel; there is always something more you can look at!

Hotel Arts is also home to two exceptional restaurants – Yellow Door Bistro, a breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner spot as well as the Raw Bar a modern take on Vietnamese cuisine one can enjoy from 4pm and on. The cocktails at the latter are quite a delight.

All of that sound pretty great to you? Then keep on scrolling for some accompanying visuals:

hotel-arts-calgary-2 hotel-arts-calgary-3

The most important part of checking into a hotel is immediately throwing on a robe and cozying up the crisp bed sheets… especially if the room you’re in happens to be at the Hotel Arts. The pillows are heavenly and I love that a king size bed allows you the option to sleep length or width wise. What a decadent treat compared to my lil double at home.

hotel-arts-calgary-4 hotel-arts-calgary-7 hotel-arts-calgary-8 hotel-arts-calgary-9

Have you heard of Skoah? They originally started in Vancouver in 2001 as the antithesis of a typical spa. Since then, they have grown immensely opening more locations as well as creating their own product line comprised of rich natural oils. That product line, my friend, are the bath products stocked at Hotel Arts. Their minty body wash and cream will have you tingly clean and loving every minute of it while you indulge yourself in the marble walled bathroom. Sigh.

hotel-arts-calgary-12 hotel-arts-calgary-13

Another wonderful amenity the Hotel Arts offers is a bike borrowing program complete with helmets and locks. There is no better way to discover a city and all of its green spaces than being able to bike around it at your leisure. We packed up our picnic lunches from the Yellow Door Bistro (they do takeaway!) and headed down to the bike paths along the Bow River for some people watching, sandwich eating, sun soaked good times.

Calgary has a well organized bike lane system through its core and luckily for us hesitant cyclists, one of the bike lane thoroughfares runs right in front of the Hotel Arts. We were on the path and by the river in no time while cruising on our cute borrowed Brooklyn Bicycles.


The Pink Lemonade from the Yellow Door Bistro was simply wonderful on a sunny afternoon in Calgary.


Staying at the Hotel Arts is the perfect mixture of being beside the downtown core but also in an eclectic area with independent restaurants and cafes. It’s safe to say I love the Beltline area in Calgary! Every thing you could ever want is within a reasonable walking distance… including my favourite haunt 10 Foot Henry – it’s legit across the street from Hotel Arts.

photographs – Jesse Sand & Sandy Karpetz

Many thanks to Tourism Calgary for hosting us on this stay!

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